Let’s face it. Losing weight is not at all easy. Even after putting a lot of effort time and money most of the people fail to get the desired result. But there is a simple way by which putting the least amount of efforts you can get the maximum results. That way is to QUIT SUGAR.

No, I am not telling you to compromise on your sweet tooth. All you need is to replace refined sugar with healthier alternatives. Which serve the same purpose, are easily available and come at the same price.

One of the worst food that one consumes on a daily basis is refined sugar. It is not just unhealthy but also addictive.

So much so that it was found to be 8 times more addictive than cocaine. The drug that is banned in most of the countries. Sugar is the one ingredient on which the packaged food companies are thriving on.

Cola, juices, biscuits, ketchup, flavoured cereals you name it. They are all loaded with sugar.

Every time we consume it our brain releases feel-good chemicals like Dopamine.

This is the reason we crave for sugary food again and again.

Sugar coming from the natural foods isn’t problematic for the body as it comes along with fibre, vitamins and minerals which does not spike the insulin levels and is easily digested.

But the refined table sugar is made after a lot of chemical processing. It has no nutritional value whatsoever. just empty calories. Daily consumption of it not only increases the fat in the body it also causes

  •   Wrinkles

  •  Dark circles

  •  Bad breath

  •  Tooth decay

  •  Increased risk of type-2 diabetes.



Instead, try replacing it with the following 6 healthy alternatives for just 28 days and see what happens to your body.


First I want you to understand the term Glycemic index-Lower the Glycemic index, the slower it gets released in the body, the better it is.



Coconut sugar is extracted from the coconut palm tree. Without any extensive use of any chemicals. It is very easy to digest as compared to refined sugar.

It is rich in iron, potassium, zinc, calcium. Even the glycemic index is much lower than that of refined sugar.

Refined sugar glycemic index=68

Coconut sugar glycemic index=35

This sugar can be used in cakes, curd, milk, oatmeal and cereals



It is derived from dates. One of the sweetest fruit available to us. Date sugar is considered to be one of the healthiest alternatives of it. It is extremely rich in fibre and also is loaded with a lot of vitamins and minerals.

  •  It reduces the bad cholesterol 

  •  helps digestion

  •  Increases bone density.

The glycemic index of date sugar is 45-50 depending upon the variety of dates.

It can be added to milk, sweets and cereals.



Indians have been using Mishri for ages. It is still surprising why do we switch to the refined sugar as Mishri-

  •  Tastes the same as it

  •  Is highly versatile

  •  It is rich in iron, magnesium, calcium, dietary fibre.

  •  helps digestion

  •  Increases haemoglobin level

  •  Gives a cooling effect on the body.

Mishri is produced in making procedure of the refined of it just before it is chemically treated.

It can be replaced with anything in which you are using refined sugar. Be it tea, coffee, juices, desserts etc.


Just one precaution is to be taken is that you should buy a thread Mishri instead of the one in crystalised form.



Honey Is one food on the planet that has the same composition as that of human blood. That is why our body assimilates 100% of nutrients available in honey.

Also, any food when combined with honey gets digested better.

Honey is an amazing alternative to it. Which is very high in anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties.

Honey is good for-

  •  Heart

  •  Helps cut extra fat

  •  Helps digestion

  •  Improves mental alertness

Honey can be applied to bread. Used in lemon water and milk.



Stevia is a zero-calorie natural sweetener extracted from the leaves of the stevia plants. It is getting popular these days but it has been used in ayurvedic medicines for long with the name Meethi Tulsi(sweet basil).

The leaves of this plant are absolutely zero in calories and are 25 times sweeter than Refined sugar.

So the weight watcher and the calorie-conscious can freely consume it.

As its glycemic index is almost zero, it does not spike the blood sugar level at all.


But stevia has an after taste. If that doesn’t bother you start using it today.




Recently many people have switched to sugar-free, coke zero and other sugar-free foods considering them to be the healthier alternatives to regular sugar. Such food contains artificial sweeteners like aspartame. These are no way healthier alternatives and come with so many side effects.


So make sure you do not fall for such marketing gimmicks.

1. Jaggery/jaggery powder-

Both of these are been used in India since ancient times. Jaggery and jaggery powder has more nutrition than any of the natural sweeteners mentioned above.


Yes, both these are extracted from sugarcane juice but are least processed.


  •  Natural blood purifier

  •  Boosts metabolism

  •  Detox the liver

  •  Prevents constipation

  •  Cures skin problems

Jaggery is hot in nature whereas the jaggery powder in cool. So jaggery is recommended in winters and the jaggery powder in summers.


However, both of them have the same benefits.




So just try replacing your regular sugar with these 6 natural alternatives for 28 days. and you will see you-

  •  Your body fat reducing
  •  Energy levels increasing
  •  Skin glowing