The Parallel Universe: The Imagination World


We are knowing about about our planets, stars and moons. We are a small part of a huge galaxy. We know very well that this is galaxy is so huge. There are number of stars in this galaxy. And there may be some other planets also where life may be existing. But we also know that our galaxy is small as compared to other millions of galaxies in this universe. Now, how you it will feel if I tell you that our universe is not the only universe? There also exist a Parallel Universe. Just think about how how minute we are?


Long ago, we were knowing that there is only one planet that is, our earth. Then, we discovered about different planets, moons and stars. We called the combination of all these a galaxy. Then we discovered that there are millions of galaxies. Now, we combined all the galaxies and called it a Universe. With developing technology we came out with new discoveries. And now scientist have talked about the parallel Universe.


Parallel Universe is the idea which tells about more than one universe. With time it became center of attraction for number of scientist. Every scientist coming out with their own theory about parallel Universe. Famous scientists like Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstien and many others started showing their interest on this fully virtual idea. These Scientists gave their opinions and theories about it. Some said that it is not possible and some said it is possible.


Formation Of Parallel Universe

The biggest mystery is about how these Universes are formed. Many theories were there about this but the best one came up. It stated that parallel Universes are nothing but part of only one universe. According to it the Universe broke down to parts and these parts formed their own universe. This process is repeated again and again and going on. This gives an idea about formation of parallel Universes.


Pathway Between Universes

Till we are not able to find the way to other Universes, if they exist. But scientists have also given different theories about it. The most famous is about the Black Hole. Black Hole is a large hole present somewhere in this Universe. It is believed that these holes have very high gravitational energy. They just attract every object passing by them. Their gravitational pull is so much strong that they can even attract  the whole galaxy.


It is believed that the size of the Black Hole is increasing. And one day it will swallow the whole universe. This can also be the reason for the end of Universe. But this theory was given for the end of this world. Apart from this, one more idea about the Black Hole is that it works as a pathway. The pathway to travel from one Universe to another. Scientists have given idea that the Black Hole is also the pathway between two universe. If we enter in the Black Hole form one side, then we will come out in another Universe form other side. How strange would it be? entering from one Universe and coming about in another.

Other Facts

We have listen about the imagination of parallel universe in many different ways. We have also seen different movies on this. Different comics and cartoons in which there is a reference of parallel Universe. By this there is reference of how would be the parallel Universe? if it exist. If it exist, it would be just like a mirror for us. Even if it is not like a mirror then also how strange we will feel, another Universe similar to us. It takes my imagination to next level.

One of the most exciting and enticing topics to speculate about is the idea that our reality — our Universe the way it is and the way we experience it — might not be the only version of events out there. Perhaps there are other Universes, perhaps even with different versions of ourselves, different histories and alternate outcomes, than our own.

Now we come to the theories of how the parallel Universe looks, or how it is?

According to some theories, it is believed that parallel Universe is different from our’s Universe. There also life exist but there humans being are different from our planet. May be their living pattern be different, their planet names may be different. They may have different looks. They can also be powerful from us, more advanced then us. May they have powers of superheroes type, as we see in movies. But we cannot say anything for sure. This may not be true, and another theory described below may work.


Other theory describes the parallel Universe in simple ways but makes the idea more complicated and center of interest. Just imagine another you, same family, same work and every thing similar. Yes, this makes this topic more confusing and a good one for debate. According to this theory parallel Universe is just like a mirror. It explains that it is just like a big mirror. In front of this mirror the whole universe is kept and we can see its image.


According to this parallel Universe is same our’s universe. Same human beings, same technology, same planets and even planets have also the name. Just think about another human just like you, doing the same work, doesn’t it feels you little scary. If one day, by chance this all imagination becomes true, how existing, strange and scary it would be? But till it becomes the truth live your life happily and just imagine this strange thing, PARALLEL UNIVERSE.



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