Black Widow trailer review




Black widow teaser trailer review:



So Marvel has finally released the awaited and the first teaser trailer of Blackwidow. This will be the first movie of MCU’s phase-4. when I first watched the trailer the first thing I thought that who the hell gives a teaser of more than 2 minutes long, but then I thought, let it be because of its black widow(scarjo). we can even take a 4-minute trailer.


The second thing I thought that does MCU already knew that their Spiderman rights will be in danger and trained widow accordingly “spider for a spider” you know.

Jokes apart


My view of the trailer and movie:

See if I give my honest thoughts about the movie I feel the existence of the movie quite confusing. Maybe because Natasha didn’t get a proper funeral in the endgame. May just like a tribute.


And this black widow movie is also quite different according to the rest solo superhero Marvel movies. As marvel has made sequels of every solo standing hero movie (except the Incredible hulk).


So will there be a sequel or further parts of a black widow but how will it work for them only to show the past stories of her. There are many speculations which create more confusion.


But yes, this movie is going to be significant for MCU, as the company has become the greatest and this is the opening movie of 4th phase so everyone will start to make an opinion about the movie.


Let’s keep the speculations aside and talk about the movie.


Expected storyline:

One thing is clear that the story will take place between the time of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity war.  As we know the captain rogers and his team was against the government and was on run.

Between all this fuss Black widow gets an important mission and she has to go for it alone as none of her colleagues could help her. And for help, she goes to her old friends(the one she had before becoming a shield agent).



So the trailer starts with Natasha’s Dialogue from endgame “I use to have nothing then I got this”. and then her shots from various avengers films rolls on. She has a dialogue with Thunderbolt Ross in the trailer but it’s unclear if this is in past or In the present.


I think she wrote this t Ross just after turning up and was about to start her new mission. The dialogue by her may mean she wants to get rid of her past which means this may lead her to Russia to finish some unfinished business.


But there are a lot of flashbacks in this trailer.


The opening shot is from the freedom monument from Budapest(remembered something ??).


In the trailer, she is wearing some armour which is a new look for her the same she is wearing at the end of the trailer when she jumps off the exploding skyship.



I think this was from her Budapest mission.


Then we also see her encountering Yelena Bulova. She was also trained in the red room like Natasha. In comics, she was to assassinate her and become a new black widow. We have seen the flashbacks of the red room in the Age of Ultron and there were several girls in training and we will not be surprised to see one of them turning out to be a secret villain.


Nat finds Yelena, the two of them fights and look quite exactly the mirror images of each other. This is a great way to introduce a new character because we see she is similar to Nat, she is also a badass and she also gets better of Nat which is quite surprising as Nat has gained some new skills with avengers and fighting aliens and robot army.


Nat calls Yelena sister but she is not her literal sister remember Nat does not even know her father’s name( endgame Vormir scene). pretty soon they both team up and chase another woman in black. Now, this could be a new character melena bolster cough or another one of the assassins that we see elsewhere in the trailer.


And then we have introduced to new Marvel character the red Guardian. Played by David Harbor( “uncle Jim” just stranger things thing). Red guardian was a soviet unions version of Captain America. The white suit of the Blackwidow was originally featured in the deadly origins comic.



Its a suit designed for the snowy environment. After some time we see red guardian facing of a new supervillain called TASKMASTER. He has the ability to copy the fighting skills and moves of the opponent. maybe he is connected somehow to the Budapest mission. I am calling taskmaster HE because he was a male character in the comics but in the movie, it might be Melena. Maybe she is a secret villain pretending to be a man. And marvel has already changed the gender of the villain from comic to movie can you tell which one was it? Answer me in the comment section below.


In the nice family Dinner scene, you can see Yelena earing a vest which Nat was wearing in Infinity war. Yes, maybe this is a piece of bad news for Yelena. Maybe she would have died and Nat was wearing the vest as a tribute to her.



So the big questions?


  1. will there be Iron Man cameo???

See MCU has given Iron-man and RDJ a great farewell and if tony stark’s keeps sneaking in the movies like this the funeral in the endgame which is too emotional becomes pointless. But there is little chance that we can see him again as some set photos were leaked online of RDJ onset of black widow and the movie is taking place in time when Tony was alive so he might sneak in.


  1. tell us about the Budapest????

Hawkeye and Blackwidow have some history from Budapest and maybe it will be disclosed in the movie. we can expect a cameo of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. They both have mentioned about Budapest twice 1st in the Avengers and second in Avengers end game


And good news for INDIAN MCU FANBOYS the movie will be released one day earlier in India i.e on 30th of April.



To walk through some of your worst-case scenarios just like our Nat does check the link below:










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