Mental Health: Its importance. Causes and treatment of mental illness


Mental Health

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Health and fitness are very necessary for proper functioning of a human body. Physical fitness is very necessary to maintain your look, your personality, your fitness, health and many other things. But do you know the importance of mental health? Yes, it is important. In fact, it is more important to maintain your mental health, then physical one. It does mean that you do not need to work on your physical fitness, you have to. But before you because physically fit, make sure that you are mentally fit. Mental illness can be very harmful for your life. Because mental fitness has more importance than physical fitness.

People may not be fit enough, but they can do any work with full enthusiasm because of their good mental health. On other hand, a person with an extreme fitness may not be able to do his work properly because of mental disturbance. Mental disturbance and illness make a person weak internally. He is disturbed all the time and not able to concentrate on a particular work. The concentration level and ability to think gets decreased, if a person is mentally weak. After that, no matter how fit you are, if your mind is not fit enough.

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And if your brain does not work properly, the whole body coordination gets disturbed. This disturbance can result in the great loss of a person. Mental health is defined as the way you think about anything, feel something, behave with others and other coordinating activities. If you are not able to deal with these things properly, and with full coordination, then you are normal. You are going through some types of mental illness that can be too danger for your life. Disturbance in mental health disturbes your whole lifestyle.

Importance of good mental health

A good mental health makes your health better as well as your relations, communications and other important thing. Mental health keeps you fit internally. It gives you healthy vibes and feels. It gives the power to think positive in every difficulty of life. Being positive is the best weapon to fight with any situation. People will not get affected even in the worst situation of life, if they are positive with their mind, their thinking and behavior. Positivity gives you the power to fight back any negative situation in your life. It gives the power to survive any bad deal of life.

But if you are not positive, then the situation will get more worse then before. Negative feelings will start attracting you, they will capture your mind and start controlling it by their ways. This is the time when the importance of mental health rises. To remain positive it is important that you are mentally fit. Then only you can be positive and think properly. You take right decisions if you are mentally well. Your mind thinks clear thoughts, in place of being captured by negativity. If you are mentally well, then these stress, and thoughts increase more problem. They make the situation terrible. Any harm to mental health also harms your physical health.

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Mental illness is caused by stress, which alternatively have a bad impact on your health. You get weaker and your body becomes fatal due to all the tensions of put on your mind. You are not able to eat properly, sleep properly, not able to do any healthy thing, related to your lifestyle. This have a bad impact on your relations too, whether it is your family, your friends, your working partners or any one else close to you. Because of bad mental health and disturbances in your mind, you start behaving rudely with them. This makes a sudden and a bad change in your relationships.

Your communication gets weaker. People stop communicating with you because of your bad behavior. You start feeling lonely, which in turn more harmful to your health. To avoid all these causes, you need to maintain mental health. A proper maintenance in your health can only deal with these problems. Stop thinking negatively about everything, and fill your mind with positive thoughts. It will be very beneficial for your health.

Causes of mental illness

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We seen the importance and need to mental health. Various loss that can occur due to bad health. Now what are the causes of it? There are number of reasons that retard your mental health and mental illness. These causes make you weak and fatal from inside. Stress, inherited problems and other problems related to your personal life. Everyone have stress on their minds, for one or more reason. This stress decrease your thinking ability, your reacting power and other things. This have a bad impact on your personal life. This bows down your image built up by you, in front of everyone.

You start getting annoyed and get angry in small things, that may not even matter you. Hereditary causes are also great reasons for mental illness. This dangerous problem can also be inherited from your elders. People have more chances of getting mental illness if it is there in their family already. This illness can easily be inherited from your elder ones. So, if in your family their is any person going through this problem, then please be alert. These are the causes that happen due to human’s mistake itself. But there are also causes that occur due to problems occurring in your internal body.

One of this is the brain chemistry. According to brain chemistry, if the chemicals that naturally occur in brain and move to other body parts. They get impaired then it causes problem in your nerve systems. This causes depression and other disorders. Depression is one of the major cause of mental illness. Depression can also be the reason of death, as people get various negative thoughts in their minds.

Some symptoms of mental illness

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Mental illness should be treated immediately. But for this you should first know some of the symptoms that tell, that you are mentally ill. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms of mental illness, contact to doctor or do some possible treatment immediately. Before mental illness totally make you mad. Their are number of symptoms that tell that you are mentally unwell. These symptoms have bad impact on your feelings, thinking power and your behavior with surrounding people. Some times you feel to suicide. Or you feel extremely sad which ultimately make you to reach the thought of society.

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These are the very first signs of mental illness. People’s mind start thinking negativity and they think that the best way to get all of these is suicide. But they are wrong. Before attempting any of this kind of activity, though of your family, your relatives, your friends, how bad they will feel? And if the family is supported by you, then how much trouble they have to go through after your this kind of activity. In case mentally ill, your thinking ability is badly effected. You power of thinking reduces.

You are not able to take any proper decision. Sometimes, have you noticed that you suddenly have a feeling of fear in yourself or you sudden worries that get heavy on your mind. These are also the signs of mental illness. Their are also many more symptoms like anger, violence, changing moods, and many more. You get a sudden increase in these feelings if your are going through mental illness.

Treatment of mental illness

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Mental illness is very much harmful for your life and also others. It affects your life in every aspects. To live a better life, it is very important that you remain mentally well. So, treat the illness if you are going through it. There are doctors present that can help you out. But my first advice is to control and correct yourself. This is better than visiting a doctor and taking three times medicine a day. If you are taking stress more, reduce it. Find solutions to the problems instead of taking stress.

They will only increase your problems. If you are feeling sad, then talk to the family members. Sit with them, have some fun. It will help you out. This will also make the thought of suicide out of your mind. You will understand the value of your family members, and would never like to waste your life like this. And if you are getting extreme anger, sit alone in some silent and lonely place. Come out of it, only when you have your anger in control. Every feeling has solution to it. Find it, and apply it and it will surely work.

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But if the condition gets in extreme case then contact to the doctor immediately. There are number of drugs that are available in market which can help you out. Get concern of the doctor, which drug you should take, and take as advised by the doctor. Here, drugs mean the type of medicine. So, please make sure that you treat your mental illness before it gets extreme. Because its extreme form can be too dangerous. It can also lead you to mental hospitals also. And no one wants to be called as mental in this world.