How is the all new Samsung Galaxy Buds+


Samsung Galaxy Buds+

The all-new Samsung galaxy Buds+ is here for you. IT is the first wireless earphone from Samsung with 2 way speaker delivering by AKG for perfect treble and Bass sound. It also has a 3 – mic system for crystal clear calls and with a very good battery life. This provides the best experience of listening to songs and making calls.

The Box content and the overview-
So we are here for the review of the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ And extract everything that this device has. In the box, it comes with the notations that Battery life for 11 hours, 2-way speaker for rich sound, Triple microphone for the best and clear voice calls, and Qi wireless charging support. The box contains the Documentations provided by Samsung, a user manual, a section containing USB A to C cable, some extra Tips for changing and size problems, and of course the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ in its casing.

The casing comes with a glossy finish and has an AKG branding on it. At the back of the casing(Charging unit), there’s a place to plug the USB type C cable. The casing has a light in the front that indicates the charging status and battery status. When you open the casing you see the buds in truly white glossy finishing.


Specifications Of Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Connectivity of Samsung Galaxy Buds+
Its Bluetooth connectivity is much advanced and faster. If you have a Samsung phone then the connectivity is much more enhanced. But connecting to other phones of different brands is also smooth and fast.

The official app for the Buds+ is My Galaxy Buds+ which allows you to have control over your earbud and enjoy the features of the device. The app gives you a lot of options like- you can switch on and off the ambient mode, decide the amount of outer sound you want to hear while wearing the Samsung Galaxy Buds+. You also get the option of various equalizer settings. Samsung has also provided a gaming mode using which you can decrease the latency of the sound receiving intensity of the buds.


Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Construction

The construction of the buds is approximately similar to the previous version. There is an extra microphone on the outer part of the buds. In total it has 3 microphones, the inner side has the contact pins for charging and an additional sensor that tells the device that it’s in your ears or not.


The main improvement is done in the battery of the device. The batteries of the device are improved. They come with 11-hour battery capacity. And the case also provides an 11 hour more battery life.
The + notation in the Galaxy Buds indicates the extra battery of the device, the additional 0.7 grams in the device is for the enhancement of the battery which gives about 50 % more battery strength.
Like the previous versions, you can charge the bud using a type C cable.


Galaxy Buds+ sound quality-

Samsung states that the bud comes with an amazing and clear sound quality. It says that the sound is much improved and in clear and the treble and bass are much more improved. They say it has a crystal clear voice calling feature. They provide a better sound than the original Samsung buds. The improvements are good but are not much noticeable they are minor in front of the up-gradation/ improvement in the battery section.


Our Verdict –

The galaxy buds+ supports multi-devices has a very nice glossy finishing with a sober design that looks attractive, it comes in the white finishing with 3 mic feature.
IF you were thinking of some major updates from the Samsung side for these buds then I must say you should wait for 1 or 2 more years. as the updates are done but are minor not much different from the last version.

The massive upgrade in the battery is must be considered but other features are minor.
The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ has wonderful connectivity but at the same time the Bixby feature sometimes does not responds to some of your command given while using the buds.

Pros –

The amazing 11-hour battery life- gives the best experience of using the device while being out for a long time. the additional 11-hour charge available in the case also boosts up the battery capacity.

Improved Audio Quality- the audio quality is much more improved than before. the previous version didn’t have that good quality of audio according to the price of the device.

The 3rd microphone- this 3rd microphone helps to have a better calling experience as the voice receiving becomes much better than usual earbuds.

Comfortable to fit and carry, its light weighted and feel good while wearing.

The pricing is also pretty good according to the offers provided and the branding of Samsung.



The Bixby calling is not pretty good, audio analyzing by the Bixby is not better.

The improvement in the sound quality in comparison to the previous one is not massive.

The noise cancellation is also not much good when it comes to Samsung Galaxy Buds+.


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