PUBG: Players Unknown Battleground



Today in the present time, and in the modern scenario, video games, mobile games & pc games has become a part of the life of youngsters. In modern days technologies have advanced a lot in many areas, and along with this gaming industry is also advancing. Nowadays, there are many games in the market with high-end specifications, and such games are addictive and destroyable too. Some of the dangerous but interesting games are like Pokemon Go, Blue Whale, Pubg etc.

We have heard in news about these games. We have heard in the news that how these games have spread so much chaos, and how they took hundreds and thousands of lives. Pubg is one of those games who took many lives but instead of looking at its side effects, it became among one of the most played games in the world. In the present time, nearly 80-90% of youth prefer to play third-person and first-person shooting games. Call Of Duty, Fortnight, IGI, Hitman, and many more games exist in the category of first/third-person shooting game, but unfortunately, none of them has ever matched the high-end specifications, graphics, gameplay and fame of Pubg. 


Playerunknown’s battleground is a third-person and first-person battle royale shooting game, in which hundreds of players land on an Island at their desired places from different parts of the island. After you jump on the island you will not have any supply with you. You have to rush as fast as possible, and enter in different houses and have to search for different loots such as helmets to protect your head from the bullets, vests to reduce the effect of the bullet on a person’s body, first aid kit to heal yourself, energy drinks to boost yourself, a bag to keep all these things inside it, and yes the most important and foremost thing is the gun, without which you cannot survive in the game. You may choose different types of guns based on the way they work and based on the way of your playing. After picking up the guns, you have to pick up bullets corresponding to the gun which is operable in the gun insufficient amount, so that you do not run out of bulletin between fights.

More About Game Play-

 In or after some minutes the play area of the game shrink at a random location and the play zone becomes smaller. Players have to remain inside the play zone to remain safe. If you stay for too long outside the play zone, your HP starts decreasing. If you do not heal on the time you may be dead and gets eliminated from that particular game. 

In between all these incidents, there are several red zone appear at random and suddenly anywhere at a random place in the match. Players are informed much earlier, if they do not get out of the red zone or they do not take shelter of any house, bombardment starts and if any bomb falls near the player, the player will be dead and again game gets over.

Modes of play PUBG

There are several modes and maps in the game. It lasts from the biggest one of up to 30 minutes to the smallest one of up to 10 minutes. Players may choose any one of the modes and can play according to them. They can play their desired maps and their desired mode.

 Some of the names of the different maps are:

1) Erangel

2) Sanhok

3) Vikendi 

4) Miramar

Each map has different types of landscape variation and weather conditions. As Erangel is a map showing the place of plains containing grasses, small houses colonies, small mountains, rivers etc. In short, it is given the show of a proper small town with moderate weather. Vikendi is the map showing a winter town with snow all over it. Similarly, Sanhok shows the town, which has very less population.and a load of greeneries and a sufficient amount of places and grasses to hide for. Whereas Miramar is a terrain type deserts map with very less population density and large area.

Also, different modes available to play in pubg mobile areas listed below…

1) Classic mode

2) Arcade mode

a) War

b)Sniper training

c)Quick match

3) Evoground

In this mode, there are several other modes like one with zombie mode, zombie mode with the darkest night, arena training, team deathmatch etc.


Various tournaments were organised by the Bluehole, to celebrate the game surpassing two million copies sold, in 2017. Nearly every countary conducts the event. It is held in India and outside India also. Total of 27 teams each with 4 players in each team take part in the tournament and the last team or last player to stand wins the match. Sponsors provide sponsorship for the matches. Players receive rewards according to the ranking. The reward is a huge amount of money as well as gifts.


While still in early access, this game won the award of “Best multiplayer game” and also got nominated for the categories “Game of the Year” and “Best Ongoing Game” at the game awards 2017.

The Game’s nomination for “ Game of the Year “ created some debate, being the first early access title to be named for one of the top industry awards. It also won the “ Breakout Game of the Year” award at PC gamer’s end of the year awards. Polygon ranked the game second on their list of the top 50 best games of 2017 while Entertainment weekly ranked it seventh on their “Best games of 2017” list.

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