Redmi K30 Pro

Redmi K30 Pro Review

What is known so far-

Late last year, Redmi – A sub-brand of Xiaomi launched the K30. The launch was an instant success and people purchased the phone in huge numbers. Owing to the improvements in the network sector, Xiaomi will also launch a 5G variant of the K30.

Ever since Xiaomi launched its flagship killer, the K20 pro, consumers all around the world have been looking forward to the next variant. There have been rumors everywhere about the K30 pro. We will be looking into the possible new features that are expected in this new flagship killer.


Name and Design of K30 Pro –


In terms of smartphone names, there has been an increasing trend of skipping numbers. There have been rumors about Samsung changing its Galaxy S series lineup name. Samsung has renamed the Galaxy S11 series to the S20 series. By far from what we know, Redmi won’t be changing any names and hence this device will be called the K30 pro.

In terms of design, the device is expected to have the same aluminum body and glass back design as the K20 pro as that was a selling point for the previous generation. In terms of the front camera design, Redmi may do it the One Plus way. It may keep the pop-up camera on the pro and teardrop on the K30. A noticeable change may be the color options on the phone. Like last year, we can expect some cool back panel designs. I would be more than happy if Redmi brings back the marble look.


Display of K30 Pro-


I was disappointed to see the K30 having an IPS LCD panel instead of a super AMOLED one. Judging from the removal of good features from the normal version hints that Redmi may be going for the One Plus approach. If my predictions are correct, then we may expect the K30 pro to have an OLED panel with a 120 Hz refresh rate. This will surely raise the price a bit but not as high as a normal flagship. Since Xiaomi targets large markets like India and China, competitive pricing plays a major role in sales. If everything goes well then we can very much expect an amazing display with great resolution this year from Xiaomi.


Camera of K30 Pro –


In terms of camera, the K30 Pro is rumored to have a four-lens setup. The primary lens will be having the Sony IMX686 Exmor RS sensor which is currently the world’s best. The camera will be a 64 MP shooter with an aperture of f/1.89.In addition to this, the device will have an 8 MP wide-angle lens, a 5 MP Macro lens and a 2 MP portrait lens. The apertures of the latter 3 will be f/2.4,f/2.2 and f/2.4.

This is a significant improvement over the previous generation K20 pro which had a triple-lens setup. Since the information here is all rumors, Xiaomi may also go for a 108 MP primary shooter like the Mi Note 10. Whatever may be the case, the camera on the K30 pro will be significantly better than the K20 pro. This may be the primary reason for some people to buy this device.


Hardware –


In terms of Hardware, we can expect a complete overhaul. The device may be housing the latest and the greatest from Qualcomm that is the Snapdragon 865. This latest chipset will enable the phone to support more 4G and even 5G bands. There may also be a significant improvement in the camera department in terms of video recording. The Snapdragon 865 supports 4K recording up to 120 fps and an increased duration of the super slow-motion recording. The phone is rumored to have 8 GB of RAM along with a 128 GB and 264 GB internal memory support.

The phone may also still have a 3.5 mm jack. We may also expect an improved fast charging speed as Xiaomi will need to take on its competitor Realme to regain the throne. The phone will support dual sims but confirming about an SD card slot is still too early.


Battery and Pricing –


We may not see a huge improvement or upgrade in battery life as the K20 pro already had a 4000 mAh battery which is big enough and still useful for today’s standards. The company may improve its battery size by 500 mAh or go all out and install a 5000 – 6000 mAh battery. Wireless charging may be too much to expect at this price range but one cannot judge the possibilities in this fast improving world of technology.

In terms of pricing, the price may be anywhere between $350 – $400.The device will be about $40 expensive than the K20 pro and a bit cheaper than the K30 5G.


Wrap Up –

The K30 pro will definitely be a beast of the phone as Xiaomi is clearly trying to compete with One Plus. The device may pack features such as a high refresh rate display as well as an AMOLED screen. The Snapdragon 865 will be a game-changer and may revolutionize the smartphone market by providing a 5G device at a cheap price. Wireless charging and IP 68 rating may be too much to ask but you never know what can happen in this ever-advancing field.




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