Samsung Galaxy S20 series : The new kids of the block


2020 is here and smartphone companies have once more started to get on the grind to make a better version of the previous model. Samsung this year has used all the tricks up its sleeve this year and has launched its latest smartphone in the Galaxy S lineup. Samsung has launched 3 variants of the S20, the standard one, the plus model and an ultra model which has the 100x zoom camera that everybody is talking about. Let’s have a look at all the 3 variants so you can choose what’s best for you.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Display –

In terms of display, Samsung has gone above and beyond to lower the bezels and increase the pixels. Unlike last year, where the S10e had a lower resolution compared to other models, Samsung this time has gone for the same display for all the 3 models. All the models feature a dynamic AMOLED screen with QHD+ and HDR 10+ support. The displays have a refresh rate of 120Hz which results in excellent user experience. Watching movies and playing games is better than ever on these three devices. If you ask me about Samsung using the same display on all the models was a good decision or not, then I would say that it was a good one as the cheaper models have less battery capacity and OLED screens are more energy efficient.The display is Gorilla Glass 6 protected.

Build –

To be honest, I did not see any changes in this and I think its a good thing. Ever since the Galaxy S6 came out, Samsung had already set a benchmark and kept on building on top of that. The design of the S20 is a refined version of the S10 but it definitely feels and looks great. The S20 also retains the IP68 rating that the S10 had.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Hardware –

All three phones come with the same hardware. The S20 lineup has the latest and greatest Snapdragon 865 or The Exynos 990 (~7 nm). The phones come with 12 gigs of RAM and 128 GB internal storage out of the box. They are equipped with a big enough battery (4000 mah -5000 mah depending on the model). The phones also support fast charging and fast wireless charging. Unfortunately, wattage for the fast charging is low as compared to other mid-tier phones as the S20 series only supports charging power up to 25W. Fast wireless charging supports up to 15W. The phones have hybrid dual sim support which also means that you can have a memory card to increase the capacity of the phone.

All in all the phone certainly meets the flagship level criteria with its current hardware and the Snapdragon 865 is a selling point for these phones as it enables 5G support and 8K recording for these phones. All the models come with Android 10 out of the box.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera –

This is where things change. The primary lens of the S20 and the S20 plus have the same 12MP wide lens and 1/1.76 aperture. The S20 ultra, on the other hand, has the famous 108MP wide lens with 1/1.33 aperture. The S20 ultra can zoom up to 100x with the enormous amount of megapixels it has onboard  All three phones have f/1.8 lens.

The second lens on the S20 sports a lens with 64 MP, f/2.0, (telephoto), 1/1.72″, 0.8µm, PDAF, OIS, 3x hybrid optical zoom which is still very respectable. The S20 Plus also sports the same lens as the S20. The ultra or the “camera phone” on the other hand has Periscope 48 MP, f/3.5, 103mm (telephoto), 1/2.0″, 0.8µm, PDAF, OIS, 10x hybrid optical zoom.

The third lens on the Samsung Galaxy S20 is 12 MP, f/2.2, 13mm (ultrawide), 1.4µm, Super Steady video. S20 Plus also sports the same lens. The S20 ultra on the other hand 12 MP, f/2.2, 13mm (ultrawide), 1.4µm, Super Steady video which is the same as the other two.

The Fourth lens, Yes you heard that right a fourth lens. Although the cheapest of all the S2o lacks this one, the other 2 phones have this and it sure does provide a kick to your images. Both the plus and the ultra have 0.3 MP, TOF 3D, f/1.0, (depth) lens.

In my opinion if photography is your priority and you have some extra money laying around them you can go for the ultra. If not then the plus is the way to go. If photography is not the most important on your list then the S20 is good enough. It’s not that the S20 is inferior in terms of camera performance, it still has very respectable specs.


Miscellaneous –

The phones have all the basic sensors and Wifi support. All three phones have stereo speakers tuned by AKG and also support Samsung Dex.Samsung has ditched the 3.5 mm jack on this one.

Conclusion –

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series sure is even better than the S10 series with more powerful hardware and better cameras but I think upgrading from anything between the S9 to S10 is not really needed unless you want to.The selling point for these phones currently is the camera only that too on the ultra as 5G is still not ready.

But if you are someone who is looking to switch from Apple to Samsung or want to finally ditch your old Galaxy S7 or S8 then this one is a perfect upgrade.



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