America vs Iran Tension, The condition of war.


Are we going to face World War Three due to war between America and Iran?

The state of world War Three is in the air of Iran and America. Americans and Iranians are scared. Scared to face a war condition due to the tension between the two head authorities of the countries.

Most of the other countries may also take part in this war as a helping country of their companion countries.

The citizens are in a timid condition and are worrying about the out-turns of this hiccup.

Many countries are at their alarming state and trying to resolve this worldwide terror angst so to protect the destruction of stack and life. 

America & Iran


*Reason for the distress between America and Iran-

in many countries proxy wars are taking place in this-

many other countries are fighting without any important cause.

For example, there is a cold war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Saudi is a good ally of America, Saudi will provide funds to the US for war and Iran will keep supporting rivals in Saudi, there are many protesters in Iran who protest against Iranian government and they are being supported directly or indirectly by Saudi and USA.

The current conflict can be traced from the date of Trump’s election.

during 2015 USA had signed a deal with Iran which was a long term deal on obtaining nuclear weapons. BUt on 8th may 2018 Trump had withdrawn the Iran nuclear deal, announcing backed off and gave a reason that Iran is supporting terrorism and violence. Iran is responsible for the chaos/bloodshed that has spread in the middle east.


*The drone shoot down.

America & Iran

once Iran had shot a Drone of USA in Saudi Arabia, Iran had claimed that it was flying in their territory, and the USA was stating that no it was an international boundary.

8th April 2019 Trump took a decision that wasn’t taken in even the last 50 years. he declared Iranian militaries organization named Islamic revolutionary guard cops which was declared as a foreign terrorist organization by Trump. This was the first time in the history that the military of some other country is called as a terrorist organization by the other country president.


*28th Dec 2019

At the US military base at Iran, a rocket attack was done in which one American contractor’s death occured, Us has claimed that Iran is responsible for this and there general Soleimani is responsible.

on 29th Dec America retaliated by attacking at the weapon center of Iran by conducting air stricks. this ended up killing 25 people.

in its retaliation, a pro-Iranian mob had attacked the US embassy in Iraq. 

After all this Trump has said that Iran will have to pay a very big price, this is not a warning its a threat.

America & Iran


*The Big Attack-

This threat was seen on 3rd Jan 2020, America had killed General Soleimani by a drone strike. General Soleimani was one of the topmost people of Iran. He was the general of the Elite Quds Force in Iran.

Trump stated that he killed him so to protect from the future attacks. He said he had secret information that Soleimani was involved in terrorist activities. Some offices say that when war was going on in Iraq then General Soleimani was supplying weapons to Iraq. Iran declines this saying its a lie. Many rumors are also there that says Trump is doing all this just because of elections. As they are coming in 2020 and if he would attack Iran. As to form a stronger image. This isn’t the first time that the USA killed someone like this. 17 Years ago the USA had killed Saddam Husain in the same way.

General Soleimani is considered as a national Hero in Iran, as he fought against Isis in the war and secured the Iranian borders.


The words of Iranian government after all this…

America & Iran

After all this Iranian government said that they are going to retaliate this. They are not going to hurt the innocent Americans. They had even put a bounty on Trump. Iran said that average Americans should not get feared as they don’t have any grudges from them. Their target is only Trump. The Iranian government had also marked Trump’s property all around the world to attack the real state sites. In retaliation to this. Trump said that they will attack the cultural places of Iran which would be world heritage sites.

Iran had also declared The US milliliter as a terrorist organisation.

In their retaliation the state of war is getting prepared in the air. The war will force many other countries to take part in it. As they are either friends or allies to either country.

The war would destroy everything. 

The Situation Of War Is Still On…



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