QUARANTINE ROUTINE: How to make your quarantine days productive?

Quarantine Days

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So you are stuck at home. Yes, we all are having nothing to do, just laying around and thinking of the good old days in which you used to hang out with your buddies. Go out for parties and many things. But
For me, it was just going in the college park with few buddies and working on my blog posts. But now due to the coronavirus outbreak we all far apart and I am imprisoned in my own house. So, now it is time for quarantine days.

In the normal days, you always dreamt of getting a vacation in which you will have to do nothing or just Netflix and chill. And now are forced to do so. Ya, I dreamt a lot about this. But now when my dream has come true it is actually turning into a nightmare. Having nothing to do in these quarantine days.

This is the best time you can do you was trying for past years but were unable because of lack of time.

So here’s the list of things you should give a try to survive your quarantine:

1. clean your environment:

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If you are going to stay in a certain environment for a long period. Make sure your living space is nice and tidy. So that you yourself feel nice and tidy.

Doing little things like picking up trash and tidying up your space helps to get you moving. While also working to make your life a bit better. Having an uncluttered environment also just helps you to breathe and function. Vacuum, Do your laundry, Spray some nice smells around, Open your windows if you can, Just make the ambience cosy and livable.

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You can also play some energetic music cleaning as well! You don’t have to do it in silence if you don’t like silence. I like to play music from my Spotify or my old physical CDs out loud to create a mood. But earphones are the best as using them won’t disturb others in the house too. Cleaning is something I like to do regularly and it should be a part of your life routine as well. Just because of the environment you are in really has an impact on how you feel. This is the first thing I do before writing anything new. Just because I want to be in a breathable, opening and functioning space.

So cleaning your room or house is highly recommended to spend time in quarantine.

2. read a book-

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Yes, the most old school idea. Everyone, almost everyone will suggest this to you. That is if you like to read books of course.

If you’re gonna be spending a lot of time at home, go and read a book that you’ve been wanting to read. This is the perfect opportunity to get comfortable and have a good time reading. Make your self a cup of tea or coffee its good to have a refreshment while you’re reading. Some nice smelling candles can make your reading time more soothing. Just make the indoors as nice as you can for yourself. This should be a nice time for you, not a suffering. So get cosy and start reading.

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I don’t think there’s a need for me to tell you how much reading is important for you. There are tons of posts on this. so I don’t need to repeat those words. So, it can be a good option for you in this quarantine.

This is a good time to let your imagination go, or read a book that can improve your life. I think having another way to take a break from the internet or technology. Especially during times like these when news and media can sometimes get overwhelming, helps to clear your head and slow down time a little bit.

Audiobooks are fine too!

3. Catch up on work-

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An obvious one I think. Catch up on work, but make it fun. Get out your music once again. Whether is online, physical or something else.
Fresh happy vibe, which is definitely needed. You don’t need to fall behind! Catch up on stuff you need to get done in the comfort of your home. Remember to take breaks and have snacks with you. Have fruits or nuts and also have a proper hydration with you. It’s important to stay hydrated while nourished to boost your immunity in these serious time of Corona outbreak.

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Get your self organised, give yourself time and plan out your schedule! Take this time to get your life sorted out a little bit.It’ll help to make you feel busy and put together. Also, remember that its okay to not to be busy. Put in tiny little tasks you have to do here and there. This can help a little to spend your quarantine.

Maybe you need to play with your dog. Maybe you need to do the dishes. Doing little things here and there is very important.
Fit in the time to take rest! That is so important and I know you will get off taking rest(lol).

4. try to learn something new-

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Why not learn something new.

Take this time to invest in learning something new. For examples of stuff to learn: learn an instrument, maybe a new language, maybe TikTok dance for young people(no, please don’t do this one). a topic you’ve been curious about, the possibilities are endless.


5. Have a hobby-

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Finally, you have enough time to get back to your old hobby in this quarantine. Take this time to treat yourself and do something you live to do. In life, you should make time for the things that you love and make you happy. This can be painting, drawing, knitting, playing an instrument(mine is flute), video games(not recommended though), watching movies, anything your heart desires.

Get back to something you completely forgot about. (but not your ex LOL).

6. communicate with the loved ones-

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Even if you are in isolation, we still have the technology so we can communicate with our loved ones.
don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends, family, other loved ones. Call them, text them or video call them.

Communicate with your online friends on social media if you have any, check up on people, ask how they are doing, things like that. This will help you feel less lonely. Maybe even watch movies at the same time as your friends over the phone or a video call or play games with each other, by playing games I mean online multiplayer games, not those ones(lol).

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Just know that you can still have fun while social distancing yourself.

Unless somehow if you don’t have wifi or data anymore. Also, spend time with your pets if you have any. Now that you have more time at home, spend precious time with them.

Pets are also your best friends and family and they’ll be there for you, so be there for them too.
They are the ones who love you selflessly.

7. Exercise Indoors-

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This is the most important thing you can do. Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your health. Get your blood flowing and your endorphin going by working out at home. All you need is a yoga mat, or heck you can just use the floor.

All you really need is your body.

Find a workout you like and just get that blood flowing. Stretch a lot. It makes your body feel good. You can find workouts to do online and find ones that you enjoy. Getting your body moving boosts your energy, passes time, makes you feel better. But most importantly. don’t try to push yourself too hard and just try to have a good time doing it.

8. cook something nice-

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Go explore your pantry and cook up stuff with what you’ve got in there. Along with cooking, maybe you can also bake something. Spending time in the kitchen is also a great way to pass time and get to feed yourself in the process. Try to find some new recipes online and perfect your old ones as well.

9. Watch something-

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The one almost everyone does including me. Go watch whatever show of whichever genre you like. I don’t think I need much to explain anything about this point. By my side, it would be the best way to go through quarantine.

10. Give yourself a self-care treatment night-

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Treat yourself with something like a face mask. Take bath, give yourself a manicure, a facial, whatever you want. Take this time to heal and rest.
Get your self to silence to clear your head and practice mindfulness. Try not to spend your self-healing time on an electronic device. Feel your breath, feel yourself existing for a sec.




And those were the 10 things you can do when you are stuck at home.

Times are rough and people are finding themselves needing to be at home more, but know that it can be fun if you know how to spend our time indoors.


peace out!!!!

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