Healthy Relationship Signs


Lots of people who are in a relationship come across this stuff and they wonder how to figure out the best out of their relationships. Starting a relationship is pretty easy nowadays but maintaining it for a long time is the issue in this modern world. A supportive relationship yields mutual benefit to both partners and helps them to cope up with tough times. Here are some important elements that one needs to maintain a healthy relationship:

relationship healthy signs

·      Commitment towards one another?

A relationship can be bumpy (U know just like Indian roads??) and full of turns and twists. I am not saying that you should be always ready to be action but if you want to build a perfect relationship commitment is must. Words are a cheap way of expressing commitment. Commitment means that you are ready to face any issue that comes in between your holy bond.

·      Communication ?

relationship healthy signs


Healthy relationship lies on the foundation of good verbal communication. You need to talk freely and not care about being criticized or judged. When one of you disagree then its better to come up with a solution which is acceptable by both.

There might come a time when there is some heated discussion, but buddy remember never to panic or act hastily a bold relationship requires your willingness to continue communicating until the problem is solved. Also remember that communication is not always verbal because at times (like when one is emotional?) a person’s behavior and eye contact reveals a message far more powerful than they might speak.

Personal space is the most important part of the communication because it gives yourselves a better environment far from the busy lifestyle to understand your partner. One does not tend to speak about their problems in front of family or friend so personal space provides a platform speak to your partner freely about the issues.

·      Mutual Respect ?????


When both partners respect each other then it creates a sense of equality and maintain thoughtfulness and consideration between the partners. Respect for your partner means giving values to their unique qualities they posses. It also means that you take their wishes seriously.

You should never shame or abuse your partner. Never talk about their wrong aspects in public. You rather advise them when you are in your personal space.

·      Trust and Acceptance?

relationship healthy signs


This is actually associated with respect. With respect, there comes the concept of trust. It is a sort of feeling that one can count on their partner. One expects that his partner will never betray and try to harm them.

Trust comes through honesty and transparency. For one to have a healthy relationship one must always keep their word. One must not try to hurt the sentiments of their partner. It takes a lot time to gain one’s trust and a moment to lose it. So always be honest towards your instincts.

With trust and honesty, there develops the concept of acceptance of another person’s foibles. You must realize that “No one in this world is perfect”. One must always accept their partner’s shortcomings.

But this acceptance should only persist if good qualities outweigh the shortcomings. It must not extend to abuse or destructive behavior or addiction to drugs etc. As long as this persists, a healthy relationship is not possible.

·      Sharing Interest and Good Values ✍?

relationship healthy signs


A good relationship involves sharing of basic interests, ideas, couple goals??and good values.                It might happen that one may not like certain interest or ideas. No problem buddy because it is also necessary to maintain your own identity no matter how close you feel to your partner. Sharing interest does not mean that you become a copy of someone.

But still the good part of relationship is sharing your ideas and passions with your partner. You might both like to play games or you may both like watching same Web Series or certain sports like cricket or football or at times ideas may conflict as one of you might like Messi and other Ronaldo??. Sharing interest and values improves the connection and strengthen the emotional bond. All I want to say that you must enjoy each other’s company. ????

·      Transparency

relationship healthy signs


There is not much to say about the transparency. But a little will work.

Transparency means a sense of being consistent and aware of what your partner is doing. This ensures that your partner feels safe. It reduces the possibility of potential conflicts because you do not have to guess about what your partner is doing as you are aware that they will not do something wrong. It also reduced the symptoms of being suspicious and asking too many questions.

·      Distributing  responsibilities


This comes from the concept of ‘Teamwork’. It leads into a sense of inter-dependence and better understanding of each other and a strong sense of bond. For example: Sharing household work gives marital satisfaction and gives a feeling of household happiness.

Greater number of men now a days are involving in household chores especially in dual-income families. This helps to eradicate the old (and the bad??) idea of only women involving in household chores. This gives a sense of freedom to your (especially female) partner and boosts her morale. It also helps to reduce stress and makes a family life happy. ???

·      Good Sense of Humor?


Having a partner who is loving, caring and possesses a good sense of humor is no less than a blessing in today’s world. The more sensible the couple is, the stronger is their relationship.

Humor is like a sort of encountering an unexpected which makes the joke funny. It assures less tension and more forward motion in life. It reduces the stress in case of heavy workload in a person’s life. Healthy and strong relation lies in the fact that you are happy and like the company of your partner.


Spending time with each other, speaking truth about each other, respecting the sentiments and laughing together helps to be happy in a relationship and strengthens the bond between the partners.

Alright fellas hope my post help to make your relationship better. Keep reading my blogs for more such stuffs ..Wish you a best of luck ???.



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