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Breakup is one of the worst things in a relationship. It is the stuff that every soul in a relationship worries about….because it leads to heartbreak, stress, reprisal, and whatnot.

Although time comes when there needs to end a relationship but…If its worth then why not save it, my friend. After all, it is only your perfect partner whom you have to live your whole life with..who loves you….who understands you ..who never lets you down. Look, My friend, no offense but your kids will one day find their partner and a kind of abandon you …your loving and caring parents will age and leave this world one day but it’s your life partner who always lives for you?? then why not you act towards a good relationship.

So let’s discuss the problems we might face in a relationship and how to overcome them:-

  • Peer Pressure for a breakup

avoid breakup relationship


The very first thing that leads you to create a misunderstanding is your peer pressure..I am not saying that your friends are not good…but when it comes to your partner you should act carefully before taking any action to their advice… By saying this I assume that you are intelligent enough to choose the right partner. I am just advising you to choose the right friend circle. Always remember Friend Circle is permanent assuming that they deserve it. After all, a good relationship is all about trust. So if you cannot trust your friend then sorry mate you are at the wrong place??.

  • Knowing about the past relationships: Reason of some breakup

avoid breakup relationship

These are the things that are prerequisites of a relationship. Your partner should be aware of your past relationship and the same applies to you. This not only gives you assurance of trust but also helps to realize your past mistakes which you could avoid in your current relationship. But remember you should not always talk about yours or their past relationships because it ruins the current mood and good environment. As I previously told that this part is only pre-requisite but important.

You can do this on the very first day itself and this is the best way to maintain a good relation. Or maybe you came up with a partner whose is the first time in a relationship, if that’s the case then you might first give a little piece of hints and then tell them when both are comfortable but don’t let curiosity to last long.??

  • Unable to resolve problems.??Reason for breakup

When it comes to this stuff you should be little far-sighted. Buddy the best way to conquer any issue is to try to eliminate before it arises.?? Do you know buddy?… Stong feelings of love and attractions can make you blind, you then tend to become excited and over – anxiety causes a problem for the male counterpart.

  1. You try to go on a trip or a romantic movie or spend days together. This way you will be able to find any potential problems as it gives an environment where your partner tends to explain their problems and you both try to solve it.
  2. If something tends to bother you about your partner then be clear and explain it to them.
  3. Always remember what to sacrifice and what to not..because when it comes to relationships there are certain sacrifices to be made. For example- Alcohol or any other addict…Both should sacrifice this habit because it might not cause problems early on but at certain times like during pregnancy if you are an addict then it harms your baby. So it is better to sacrifice it beforehand.
  • Managing Infidelity or in your words”Cheating”??

avoid breakup relationship

This is the most unwanted part of the relationship. Nobody wants to be cheated ..but my friend the almighty tests you in all the possible ways and this is one of them. Cheating is the most disrespectful thing one can do, So if you are not happy then you must end a relationship before starting a new one. But if you or your partner are ready to maintain one then let’s talk about this:

  1. It happens that your partner might get attracted to someone. In this case, first, you might want to find out what your partner likes in that person that you do not possess. Maybe its something good ..In such cases, you should talk to them clearly whether to continue or not because you should understand that maybe this might be the time to end it.
  2. But then there happens that Your partner realizes their mistake and might feel bad about themselves. You should then talk to them and when they apologize you should forgive them because everyone deserves at least one chance. If this happens then you can always feel free because there are very fewer chances of such happenings in the it develops a sort of respect for you in their minds. But remember nobody deserves a second chance in this case.
  3. Lastly, it comes to yourself …What if you are cheating your partner. Buddy If you do such a thing then you first of all must feel ashamed. then comes whatever..  Now if you respect your partner you must tell them immediately because when they come to know from other sources then this will be the worst for you. You should always be ready to apologize and deal with the consequences. If your partner respects you then they will always forgive you and then all the above-mentioned things apply to you too. You must then never involve in cheating??.
  • Be an Honest creature??

When you talk to your partner you must be the honest one. It’s important to open up about the slightest thing. If you think you have done something wrong you must always apologize, but only if you are willing to change. If you are withholding things with your partner then always open up as far as possible.

You should always let your partner know about your best friends because as far as I see most of the breakups often occur due to best friends????. This not only makes your partner assured but also reduces the feeling of over-possessiveness. This way you can avoid quarrels that might occur in the future. You should always remember that you can not tell everything to your partner. Best friends are made for this.

One more thing for the female counterparts …Sometimes your partner might not feel good about your best friend so try to talk with them, make them understand that this is not the way to look at, and if possible try to maintain distance from a friend and spend more time with your partner.

  • About Romance and Maintaining Physical Bond

avoid breakup relationship

This is the most important part of your relationship. A person with a good sense of humor and romance never fails in a relationship. Never miss a chance to go out with your partner and never cease to express your love in any possible way. Especially girls like those poetic words which express love and attraction.

Now, most of you would think it a weird thing to talk about physical relationships but trust me guys adolescence demands it whether male or female. Usually, girls don’t tend to talk about this and always expect their partners to start. So always be specific about this in a relationship.

Physical Intimacy brings the feeling of closeness, love, and affection between couples. It builds a stronger connection by migrating any existing negativity between them. It boosts morale and promotes a good chemistry between couples. But remember…Physical Intimacy should only come out of desire and not by pressure by your partner. One must not threaten his partner to break up if they are not willing to have physically bonded.

You should at least practice small things like hugging each other when you meet. This ensures positivity and a strong bond in your relationship. (You might also like to try to give backrubs????? Thank me later??)


If it’s your first time in a relationship then it might get a little difficult to get along with the person. But with time things will get well.  Always focus your energy on maintaining a strong bond. But never try to manipulate or encourage someone who doesn’t want to be with you.  Many times “Taking a short break” or “seeing other people”  represents a sort-of breakup …So always try to avoid this.

Alright, fellas hope my post help to make your lives better. Keep reading my blogs for more such stuff. Wish you a best of luck ???.

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