How to make your impression on a crush??


Hey there , we all come across a moment in our lives that we happen to have a crush on someone. It is one of the best things one could experience. And then you just cannot help out and start a so-called daydreaming about them ?. Not to worry guys , because as I said earlier this is the most beautiful feeling that one could have. And Remember : No Religion is Beyond Love . So, let us see how to make impression on a crush?

Anybody does not just want to keep daydreaming. You always want that your crush would notice you at least. And if you happen to one of them and you want to make a move and want some good advice then buddy you are at the right place.

P.S-This is a serious post . Those who want to have just fun,please stay away.??


Be yourself…What you are to make good impression??



This is the first and foremost thing you should remember. You might have a strong feeling to sacrifice everything to impress your crush , but it doesn’t work that way. Your goal is to impress them but also to get them know and appreciate the real you. It doesn’t matter which way it goes but you should not make opinions against yourself. Just let them know how lovable you are  in your own way.

There is nothing more impressive than being best version of yourself.

Try to be a friend first to make impression??



This is one of the first steps to do. This whole thing just starts with a friendship. You never make them feel alone and make them to know them that you are always there for them. Make your crush feel that they can trust you. There is no need to put added pressure. Try to give good compliments. You may try to find ways to be with him. Make them feel comfortable to be with you.

Try to find something of common interest ??



You might try to find the things you both like in common like some favorite movie or sport. This gives a yourselves a chance to know more about each other. You may then try to find out their likes and dislikes. Maybe you might figure out that you have same hobbies. This helps in a long run as you get some ways to spend time with each other and deepens the relationship.

Keep a genuine interest in them?



Make your crush feel that you are always available to listen to them(Sometimes you might find boring???) . Try to bring your interest in her. Try to know about their childhood and their passion, their dreams etc.  You should ask about the things which matter most to them. Make them feel that you are willing to listen to them. These things might put a good impression on them that you are willing to know about them and spark a start of a good relationship ???. Never try to flirt with any other person in front of your crush or you might end up your crush developing a negative aspect of you.

But never try to hassle or hurry in this. Or you might end up making a negative impression on her. Make the right move at right time.

Have a good sense of humor??



You might try to crack a joke. Remember that Laughter is a key to the heart. Never hesitate to share embarrassing moment. Maybe your jokes might be PJ’s but still your crush might end up just giggling at the way you tell them. You may end up laughing the heads off. Never be afraid to share crazy ideas !Be Quirky. And never hesitate to dance when you get a chance even if are bad at it. This positively impact your crush’s mind. Show the goofy side of you!!!

Making Yourself Physically Attractive??

This is what everyone feels to care about when trying to impress someone. Looking a real attractive can turn it to your side. Getting your crush to notice you is a bonus.

  • Good Dressing Sense : Sincerely talking, there is actually no way to dress well. What you can do is to figure out your sense of style. Do a good research on different dressing styles. Figure out which style suits you the most. You might take the help of  a friend too. Find a dress that looks more casual.
  • Hairstyle : I would not speak much of this but just remember:- A fresh new hairstyle refreshes like nothing.??
  • Stay Fit : Most of the people think it of different way like going gym , building six-packs etc.etc.                         But these things doesn’t matter much.You do not need to get perfect body just to impress a crush. Staying Fit here signifies to staying healthy. It shows your disciplinary traits and your level of dedication. This creates a positive impression on them.
  • Smile : Smile is a kind of  universal gesture of goodness. Whenever you see you crush, remember to  throw a smile on them because whatever the situation might be, it always comes back with a positive gesture. You might not get a smile-back but don’t worry, maybe they are shy. Interpreting that your crush didn’t appreciate your smile is the last resort.

Be Confident and posses good attitude?

Before you think anybody to fall for you, first you must look for yourself. Confidence is always sexy. So be comfortable to your own skin. Be little proud of yourself too. Better if I use the word “Self-Respect”. Always try to stay comfortable. Regardless of your gender or the person you try to impress, Confidence is important starting point. If you are shy type of guy, girls like to find the mystery in you. So your best chance is to comfort in your natural cause.

Nice clothes or hairstyle are just the starting, but there is much more than physical appearance. Nothing can replace a good attitude(I will talk separately in later posts) and self-respect.

Confess your feelings??


And then finally comes this part….. When you have done all the pre-requisites and you are assured enough that you have come closer to them then its the time to make a move. This is the moment of truth. If you believe that your chemistry is right then the next right move could turn your crush into the life-changing partner.

One of the ways is to directly go and tell them that you have a feeling for them. Try not to blush and stay confident.

Or if you are feeling like bold or more confident then you might end up giving a soft kiss on cheeks(You never know but it might plant a big impression in someone’s heart❣❣).


It has never been an easy task to impress someone. But all you can do is to stay up to your wits, stay confident and goofy. One musty never be disappointed if he/she fails.

Always remember that if you are good at your wits and if for some reason your crush rejects you then maybe they might not be interested in pursuing a relationship. Most of the causes are nothing to do with you. If things do not go well then no problem buddy, keep loving yourself and hope for a good future. Be open for whatever comes next in your life.

Alright fellas hope my post help to make your relationship better. Keep reading my blogs for more such stuffs ..Wish you a best of luck ???.

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