How to make delicious and tasty Tacos | Recipe 



So we are here with the all-new recipe on the well known and famous dish, which is Tacos. It is one of the most famous words in Mexico. It is a traditional dish. It’s a corn or wheat flat pancake with some fillings of veggies or Non-veg like meat, chicken, pork, cheese vegetables, etc. according to the preference. The flat pancake is termed as tortilla, which is folded by keeping the fillings inside, and it is eaten by hand.

It is again garnished with cream or other veggies or tomatoes, onions cheese, etc. It is the most famous street food in Mexico. They are also some times large and stuffed.

There are different type of Tacos 

Tacos Al Pastor –

They are made of thin pork steaks seasoned with adobo. It is then kept vertically on each other and cooked. Then the tortilla is filled and baked.

Tacos De Asador

They are also called as grilled Tacos. It is served with two Tacos overlapped and kept for cooking. It is garnished with onion or salsa.

Tacos De Lengua

These are cooked in water with onion and garlic and then, beef is used as filing and Sauteed in oil.

Tacos Sudados –

It is called as sweaty Tacos. They are made using soft tortillas and spicy meat mixture. Then the mixture is kept in a container and covered with clothes. So that the Tacos releases vapor (Sweat) and becomes moist.

Tacos are of a hard shell and soft shell the hard shell tacos have a hard coating of tortillas and the light have a soft tortilla base.

They are one of the best breakfasts for everyone. They are made in approx every other country. There are different types of Tacos in foreign countries like the Indian Tacos, Mexican Tacos, etc.

The vegetarian Tacos were inspired by Bonito Michoacan.

Making Tacos is fun when you have a company in your kitchen. Making them takes no time you can have your dinner ready in just a few minutes using only a few steps.

You can make a delicious form using rice and turning them into burrito or quesadilla. They are delicious in any way and can be eaten at any time.


Ingredients for making the delicious vegetarian Tacos –

  • Fresh onions – As we stated earlier onions are taken for making the fillings to be filled in the tortillas.
  • Creamy avocado dip – for providing taste and flavour and giving the stuffing a creamy texture.
  • Beans
  • 8 to 10 corn tortillas – Of making the base of the Tacos so that the fillings could be kept in and cooked correctly. They are the most essential ingredient of Tacos.

For garnishing-

  • Salsa 
  • Properly chopped green cabbage – as a garnishing ingredient and for serving.
  • Crumbled cheese – It gives the flavor and the cheesy finish to the dish.
  • Properly chopped fresh Cilantro.
  • Lime wedges.


Instructions for making the dish-

  • Take onions, avocado dip, and beans and prepare them directly in the order and then keep them aside.
  • After this take the tortillas and warm them gently in a large skillet over medium heat. Finish them from both sides in a proper manner. Alternatively, you can heat them directly on a low flame on a gas range. Then keep the tortillas aside and cover them with a towel to keep them warm.
  • Now for assembling the dish start to spread the firstly prepared ingredients(Onions and the beans) in the center of each tortilla. Make a topping with the onions and the avocado dip. Now give a finish to the dish using the garnishing elements of your choice.
  • The components which are now left can be served directly with the dish keeping them separate. Try to reheat tortillas before serving. You can put some nachos or tortilla chips with the served dish.



 Try to use Gluten-free corns. Using Gluten-free corn makes it better. 

For making it pure vegetarian you can skip using cheese as a garnishing element. 

Try to make them quickly without wasting much time. As if you will take a lot of time then the stuffing may get affected or the base tortilla can become stiff and rough.

If you wanna make a Non-Veg Tacos then follow the steps-

For making a non-veg Tacos you are just supposed to use the non-veg ingredients instead of using the veg one. You can use meat, chicken, fish, squid, pork, etc.

You are just required to change the ingredients used during the stuffing/filling stage and fill the tortilla with the meat.

Meat stakes should be properly chopped and garnished before cooking.

At last, you can use cheese as a garnishing element which could make the dish more tastier and delightful.

Did you make the dish by following these steps?

Please let us know that you liked the dish or not. Did our information worked for you or not?



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