Macbook Air 2019 – The most loved laptop


When Apple launched its first Macbook Air in 2008, the world went gaga over how Steve Jobs whipped it out from a business envelope. The design was way too ahead from its time and people absolutely loved it. The same laptop has continued to make a mark for the past 8 years now. People wanting to get into the Apple ecosystem opted for this because of its affordable price, good looks, and power.Now some people may say that one can get a powerful windows laptop for the same price. So why buy a MacBook? Well, a Macbook has amazing performance because of MacOS which has been perfectly optimized with the hardware of the laptop. Windows laptops, on the other hand, have still not been able to achieve this which is really sad. So how better is the new Macbook air 2019 than the old one? Let’s find out.

Design of Macbook Air 2019 –

The laptop, when compared to the old model, has seen a complete overhaul in terms of design. While the laptop still uses an aluminum chassis, it is made up of completely recycled aluminum which makes the laptop very ecofriendly. Kudos to Apple for this. Now recycled aluminum may be good for the environment but is it strong enough? The answer is Yes as the whole chassis is built up of 6000 series Aluminium. In terms of dimensions, the laptop is 11.97 x 8.36 x 0.61 inches (30.41 x 21.24 x 1.56cm) and weighs 2.75 pounds (1.25 kg) which is o.25 pounds lesser than its predecessor.Even though there are lighter laptops available in the market such as the HP Elite Dragonfly, the Macbook Air is still very light and portable and it won’t be a burden to carry it around in a backpack.

The slim designing surely enough has some drawbacks as the laptop lacks a lot of ports such as the USB 3.0 port and one needs to buy external adapters to compensate for that.

Display  Of Macbook Air 2019-

The display is hands down the main selling point for this laptop. The laptop comes with a 13.3-inch LED-backlit IPS display (2,560×1,600 pixels) with True Tone. This is a gamechanger as the Air now supports HD and the true tone adjusts the display temp and colors to provide the best output possible. The display also has more screen to body ratio as the bezel is significantly thinner. We can surely say that Apple borrowed a lot of features from its expensive line of MacBook Pro series to make this one look plusher and eye-catchy.

Hardware of Macbook Air 2019-

In terms of hardware, this laptop packs a punch with an 8th generation Core i5 chipset on board. However, it’s a dual-core processor and not a quad-core one. The Airs never had a dedicate graphics card and neither does this one. You get Intel’s integrated UHD Graphics 617 along with 8 or 16 gigs of LPDDR3 RAM. Storage is a bit of a concern on this one as the base model only comes with a 128 GB SSD while the top variant comes with 256 GB SSD which is still very less. The 256 GB upgrade will cost you 100 more dollars which seems too much. It would make more sense to buy an external hard drive or iCloud storage instead.

In terms of ports, the laptop only has 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports but retains the 3.5 mm headphone jack. The laptop has 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 on board. The webcam is a 720p FaceTime HD cam.

Keyboard and Trackpad –

In terms of the keyboard, the old model is a winner as many did not like the flat keys. The old model had a great keyboard with great travel and the shape and size of the keys were just perfect. The 2018 models had an issue with the butterfly keyboards which were too sensitive to dust particles. The keys kept getting stuck which resulted in the repetition of alphabets. Apple has claimed that ith has fixed this issue by adding a membrane to prevent dust particles from going in. So hopefully, the 2019 model won’t be seeing this problem anytime soon. The keyboard is backlit and touch ID is also available.


The laptop has a force touch trackpad which is very similar to the 3D touch available on the older generations of the iPhones.It lets you interact with the device in various ways by determining the pressure you put on it. The keypad is also 20% larger which means more room for a pinch in/out zoom and multi-touch gestures.

Battery Life and Sound –

Apple claims that the laptop can provide up to 12 hours of battery life on a single charge. One can check emails, watch videos, shop online or even take a transatlantic flight. Since we don’t have a review unit, we could not test the battery life but according to the various sources, the laptop was able to provide 10 hours of solid battery life.

The speaker on this laptop is way better than its predecessor. The stereo speaker delivers 25% more bass and has twice the volume than the previous version. Thanks to the latest processing and tunning techniques.

My verdict -

The new version of the Air is certainly better than the previous generation. But I think it would have been given a better value for money had Apple used a quad-core CPU instead of a dual-core one. The storage is also very less for today’s use and the lack of basic ports is a ripoff.

The screen is absolutely stunning and the battery life is amazing.


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