Buying the best smartphone for photography



*Never consider megapixels as a deal-breaker in case of smartphone

If you are buying a smartphone for photography do not ignore a device due to its megapixel count as many companies are trying to attract consumers by increasing their megapixel count it’s not mandatory to have a camera to have a high a megapixel count. Higher megapixel count means that your image will not have any noise in the images and will have a lot of detail in it when you zoom in to that image. Image processing plays a vital role in photography via smartphones phones like the Google pixel have proved that for better photography we need better image processing.


If we compare the sample shots taken by 12.2 mp camera of Google pixel with Xiaomi’s Redmi note7 pro we can see the difference. Nokia is also such an example of how image processing can make a big difference in photography. Taking the example of lumia phones back in the time where android system wasn’t that popular and phones mainly had VGA cameras. And now where even zeiss optics did not do that well as it was expected to do . So according to the latest leaks Nokia might try to get back the lisence of its camera software which was used in the lumia devices. Another such example is Apple’s iphones where even at low resolution or megapixel count we images come out to be a lot better than many of the android phones.

*More no of cameras does not mean that smartphone is good enough for photography.

These days it has become a trend by the brands to implement more cameras at the back. Increasing the number of cameras means adding extra features to the camera department like adding a zoom lens to your the back allows the user to capture a lot of detail in their shots while taking close-up sots or to capture details from a far away subject it gives the user an edge over the devices with digital zoom where if the image processing by the camera software of your device is not that good but here also Google’s pixel devices are far ahead from other devices as the image processing of the g-cam is very good.


Even in low light conditions it captures a lot of detail if we take the example of pixel 3 series where all the devices were able to take good shots even in the dimmest lighting conditions provided there must a some light. Zoom lens is used mainly for nature photography.


*Why do we need a wide angle lens?

If you are sort of a nature photographer who takes a lot of landscape shots. And want to have a lot of detail captured in a single frame then a phone with wide angle lens is useful for you if you don’t want to use the panaroma mode. This camera feature could help us to take the same snap in a wide angle mode thus capturing a lot of details in a single frame.We see most of the smartphone manufacturers add a wide angle lens even in th budget segment. Redmi recently its Redmi note8 series where you can get an 8mp wide angle lens in about 10k. In the rat-race to be India’s leading smartphone manufacturer both realme and xiaomi have started increase their camera count taking inspiration from Samsung’s galaxy M30.


*Why a depth sensing lens?

Basically a depth sensing lens  adds a bit of spice to the pictures by adding a DSLR effect in them.
It blurs out the the background to keep the subject highlighted. The depth sensing lens can also be the backbone of your photographs as it makes the pictures more attractive. By focusing only on the subject and blurring out the background be it a human subject or nature. Every one loves the depth effect but the question arises do we really need a depth sensing lens???


The answer is a big no as we have seen pixel devices take very good depth shots. And a single camera set-up. By software optimization the its camera app the pictures almost kill the competition in the camera department. This feature helps to have a good command over depth sensing and handles the job of primary camera as well.


*Why the companies have taken the MACRO route?

The first company to introduce the macro lens in its smartphone is Oppo’s sub-brand realme. Who needs a macro lens ? This is good for a person who wants to click small objects. The implementation of the macro lens is a lot cheaper than implementing a telephoto lens. So the companies have decided to add a macro lens in their camera department just to increase their camera count.




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