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canon eos R5

We are exploring the all-new Canon EOS R5. It seems like we have waited a long time for the full specifications of the camera. It is official, the final specifications of the Canon EOS R5 are released, and the camera is a beast.


Canon’s development announcement tells us that the Eos r5 will include body image stabilization. The camera works in conjunction with the optically stabilized lenses, and file backup. The camera can take 8K video and can record the video with its electronic shutter. It can record up to 60 frames per second (fps) at a maximum resolution of 1080p.

The current 8K standard defines a 7680×4320 pixel resolution, which implies a frame rate of 2: 1 (at a standard aspect ratio of 3: 2), making the Eos R5 the highest resolution mirrorless camera currently on the market. Canon has announced the release of the Canon EOS r5, the highest-end mirror camera it has ever built. After the R4’s $1,499 (PS1,599) price tag and the R3’s $3,199 (£2,999) price tag, it will be the first camera in its class to have a price tag.

With the $3,899 lens, the brand now has the highest price for a mirrorless camera in its class and the second-highest all over the world.

The Pro-Level Eos R5 delivers 45 megapixel still images at up to 20FPS and is the first full-frame 8K camera (Mirror Less) internally with a 29: 97fps. Both the Canon EOS R3 and the EOS R4 have a built-in – in the future – secure RF mount, while the Canon EOSR5 and R7 have an all-new, robust RF mount.

Canon-EOS-R5 *8 k

The EOS R5 is the new tentpole of the video industry, with the ability to capture 8K RAW at 29: 97fps at 30 frames per second. It offers some impressive specs, including the ability to fix some of the issues that plagued the original EOS R in 2018.

When Canon announced the EOS R, which was launched in 2018, the company committed itself not only to a mirrorless future by announcing an excellent lens system, but also to its future. The camera body itself has lagged behind established competitors for years, lacking a full-screen sensor that is limited to slow-motion 1.5 fps continuous autofocus videos and cuts 4K videos to a tiny portion of the sensor.

So the company decided to give us the beast. Let’s take a closer look at the Canon Eos R5, which is said to be the new powerhouse in Canon’s mirrorless line, offering a stunning 8K RAW video at 30 fps. It has 8-step stabilization, lens support – based on Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), and a full-screen sensor. Canon announced the Eos R4 and EOs R3. Still, to save nothing for later, Canon today announced a new flagship camera, the EOS R5 for the next generation of the Canon flagship camera series which can shoot at 12 fps and an impressive 20 fps with a mechanical shutter, with a maximum shutter speed of 1 / 10,000 sec and a shutter speed of 2 seconds.

Canon EOS R5

The brand gives a tagline of- Re-Think what you know about the mirrorless cameras. The CANON EOS R5 has an uncompromisable performance that will revolutionize your photography and filmmaking.

Eos R5 Camera Specifications-

The Camera comes with a 45 Megapixels full-frame CMOS sensor that captures incredible shots. The 45 Megapixel sensor helps to take amazing shots and reproduce the most intricate of details. It offers astonishing clarity, low noise in the image, wide dynamic range for photography. The Canon EOS R5 is the perfect partner of the advanced RF lenses.

The camera comes with a DIGIC X processor, which offers incredible clarity even in a bad light. It provides an ISO support up to 51,200. With the EOS R5, Canon introduces the portrait relighting and background clarity feature also.

The Dual Pixel CMOS AF II has a lightning-fast focus. It can cover virtually 100% of the camera frame. Canon has done great work on the AF section. They call it Ground-breaking intelligent AF. As the cameras, the AF section is developed with a deep learning AI program. This was first developed for Eos 1D X Mark III, and then with some modifications and more exceptional AF sensing, it is provided to you with the Eos R5. This has increased the accuracy of tracking the face and eye of the object to another extent. This ability even works when taking a shot with animals.

The camera has an ultimate speed and a mind-blowing performance, which takes your creativity to new rights.

Performance (Canon Eos R5)

So going for the performance of the beast, we will be seeing a lot of speed and technology invested in the same place. The camera offers a very powerful performance that helps to take pictures at 20 frames per second speed with simultaneous tracking autofocus. This is all because of the DIGIC X processor. The camera offers you speed like never before, as they had reached a tremendous new speed in the performance of the camera. The Viewfinder of the camera is so good that it gives you an experience like there’s nothing in between the object and you. It comes with the 5.76 million Dot resolution and covers 100% of the frame with a 120 Fps refresh rate.

All the best features like the phenomenal speed and the AF Tracking and other advanced features are controlled by the all-new DIGIC X processor.


Canon says that the EOS R5 is one of the most connected cameras they have ever made. It has the ability to transfer images via your smart device or wifi network, social media accounts, and cloud storage also. Canon provides you with their app Canon Camera Connect for your smartphones so that you can automatically connect your smartphone and the camera using wifi. The app allows you to browse the contents of the camera with your smartphone. It is also possible to connect the Canon EOS R5 to your phone for auto image transfer so that the image is automatically transferred to your phone just after its shot by the camera.

Image Quality of EOS R5

The Image qualities defies your expectations. The all-new 45 Megapixels camera clicks the best ever refined and processed photo that will inlight your experience of photography. Have a look to the below image clicked by the EOS R5-

The camera offers a stunning Detail & clarity in the pictures clicked and processed by the DIGIC X Processor. The color reproduction, image gradation, and the dynamic range of the camera are at a much higher level than ever before.
The camera features an eight stop image stabilizer. This is the first camera by Canon that features an in-body image stabilizer that provides 5-axis movement protection against camera shake. The digital 5-axis image stabilizer also worked when shooting a video from the camera. The camera works with the combination of the in-body image stabilization as well as the lens’s own image stabilization. The camera is capable of recording HEIF(High-Efficiency Image Format) files.

No Image Stabilization.                            8 step Image Stabilization.

Battery and Card Support of EOS R5-

The Eos R5 is packed with a high capacity battery. It is an advanced new LP-E6NH battery. It offers 20% more battery life than the older once. The battery supports charging at a faster rate than the previous LP-E6 batteries.

The camera supports dual cards. It comes with a dual card slot with CFexpress. One is for a universal compatibility SD card for higher speed support. The second slot is for the ultra-fast CFexpress cards. It is required for the pro speed capability to take the 20fps buster for up to 180 RAW files. The CFexpress has a max transfer speed of 1.97 GB per second, and the other supports a speed of 321 MB per second.


Box Content –

The box content of Eos R5 has nothing much different. It has all the basic accessories that are being provided by the company like-

  • Of course the Canon EOS R5(Camera Body)
  • Camera Cover R-F-5
  • Strap ER EOS R5
  • Battery Charger LC E6E
  • LP-E6NH
  • Battery Pack Cover
  • AC Cable
  • IFC cable IFC-100U + Protector
  • User Manual

More about canons launches-

 Canon, Inc has also announced that it is currently developing the Canon Eos R 5D Mark II, A new generation of full power cameras which incorporate the same powerful, low-power, ultra-compact sensor technology as its flagship Canon EF-R series, as well as the optical and other cutting-edge technology it has cultivated throughout its long history of camera development. EOS R4, EOs R6, R7, or R8) and the upcoming Canon F1.5 and F2.0 cameras, with the latest in the line of Canon – up of digital cameras and digital video cameras for the consumer and professional market.

With its high resolution, high dynamic range (f / 1,000 – 1,800), and advanced image processing capabilities, it promises to continuously track and recognize the body, face, eyes, and animal motifs. Canon has also introduced a new version of its flagship camera series – the EOS – R6, which comes to market with slightly slimmed-down specifications and a slightly lower price. The EOS R6 is perfect for enthusiasts and professionals who have switched to mirrorless images and are looking for greater possibilities. It captures 20.1 megapixel still images at 20 frames per second.

Canon is further strengthening the EOS R System 1.0 and taking advantage of its advanced image processing capabilities to take full advantage of the new Canon Eos R 5D Mark II and push the boundaries of visual expression. The E OS R5 will also be equipped for the first time in a mirrorless full-frame camera with a 1: 1 aspect ratio and a wide-angle lens with dual pixel AF functions.


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