10 Cool Gadget available on Amazon!


As we are in the mid of 2020 and the trend and technologies are achieving the peek. So we a here with some of the cool smartphone gadgets that you would love to use. They are amazing to use with the smartphones.
Wanna look like a gadget geek? Impress your friends by using these cool smartphone gadgets.

List of 10 amazing and cool Smartphone Gadgets that can amaze you for sure.

10> Stygian Force –

Nowadays mobile games like PUBG, COD, FreeFire are in a trend all over the world. Gamers love to play games for hours, trying to be the best. So if you wanna make your game as of the professional gamers then this Gadget is just for you.
Its a console kit that helps you to play the game in a better way. The kit helps you to get extra control buttons using the rest of the figures. In this, you will get 2 triggers. One on the left and the other on the right. It has an anti-slipping surface that helps you while holding your phone. You can change the thumb grip according to your preference. You can adjust it according to the size of your phone.
So from now have a great aim on any of the car and hit a head short in PUBG won’t be that hard. And you can give your enemies a great competition. This is priced around 39.99 dollar or 2980 rupees.

9> Silver Mask-

If you want to protect yourself or your family from the dangerous coronavirus then this mask is for you. The mask comes with an advance breathing system which has different padded layers. Which will protect you from the virus by stopping them to enter your mouth or nose. The mask has 5 different layers that help to prevent the entrance of virus from outside. It has a silver layer on the external side and the antibacterial layer on the internal side. Its filtration part very close to your mouth and it also prevents from other small bacteria using its filtration feature. The mask has active carbon particles that stop coronavirus or other bacteria from reaching your mouth. You can buy this on amazon.com as well as on Kickstarter.com. The mask is priced around 32 dollar or 2200 rupees and on Kickstarter it around 29 Euro which is on discount.

8> VR Real Feel-

If you are stuck at home and unable to move out and drive your car then you can get the feel of driving just by staying at home. You can drive a very fast car just by staying at home. This gadget gives you the feel of driving a car. You just have to install your phone in the VR and wear the gadget. It has a remote control car staring which when you hold you will become the driver of a fast car. You get a choice of 4 different cars for playing. It works on 3 AAA batteries for ruining. Its a rechargeable gadget. The VR has a soft and comfortable foam support and adjustable straps for a good hold. The VR device supports a huge range of smartphones. You will get a realistic feel while using the VR Real Feel, even when you will rotate the controller you will fell the accidents too with a slight vibration in the controller. This is exclusively available on amazon and you can buy it at a price of about 26.93 dollar or 2044 rupees.

7> ARCHON Charger –

You might have used many wired chargers as well as the wireless smartphone chargers. But this one is slightly different from others. ARCHON is a wireless charger that allows you to charge your phone from a distance apart then this is the one for you. If you want to amaze your friend by charging your phone without anyone noticing the charger then this cool gadget is for you. This charger can charge your phone even from 35 mm distance. You can keep it under your table and keep the phone above the table and still, you can charge your phone. This even works on the stone surface, titanium surface, glass surface or plastic surface.
It provides a fast charging support to your phone.
Its also called as the long-distance charger. You can also buy it from Kickstarter.com at a price rate of 99 dollar.

6> Wazuma V8M –

Italian V8 4700 cc is a unique vehicle which you cant call just a bike or just a car. As it has big and thick tires and a thin and four-wheeler bike structured body. It has a nice sitting feature and a bike like a handle to ride it in a very comfortable condition. The Wazuma V8M offers a great speed just after its engine starts. Giving you a 460 horse power, 520 manometer heavy power engine. It has a 4.7 liters of fuel tank which gives good fuel capacity for the riders. It comes with a 12 color variant. Riding this is great, even you can achieve the speed that you might not be able to achieve using even a sports bike. It has a tough body and a well-designed body that protects you from any kind of rush. You can buy this cool gadget at a price of around 261000 US dollars.

5> IVI Printer –

It is not just a usual paper printer. This is a 3D printer. You can gift this to your children to get the 3D prints of their favourite superstars, animals, etc. The printer has different types of tool like CNNC, SLA camera object tools, etc. This can be used by professional designers and professional fashion freaks. You can connect this with your smartphone and get the printing done in a fraction of minutes. It has a great accuracy feature and offers a smooth cutting also. It also has some of the motion-sensing sensors which helps it to do the small thing in a very diligent way. You can buy it on a price of $799. If you wanna know more about this 3D printer then visit ivi3D.com.

4> Mezone wireless earphones –

The wireless headphones or the earphones/earbuds definitely overcomes the problem of wires. It brings a charging problem for you. So if you don’t wanna see any charging problems for your earphones then this product is for you. The Mezone earbuds give us an 8-hours of stereo quality sound support. Even the case of the earbuds gives a battery backup of around 56 hours for you. They are waterproof with IPX-7, dustproof coating and has amazing noise cancellation features. This cool gadget has a nano-coating charging gaze and supports wireless charging with touch controls.


This is basically a vehicle, sitting on which you can move on any type of surface. Even you can hover over the sea just by sitting and driving it. It has a very flexible chassis and 6 heavy-duty tires that move up and down according to the surface and helps the vehicle to move over any surface. You can ride it to a mountain or forests and this will go through all the obstacles coming in the path.
It’s like a wheelchair with advanced controls and advanced driving units. This cool gadget is priced for 30200 dollar.


You might have seen different types of robots, some having hands and legs, some like a ball, some like animals, etc. Even some of you might have made small robots like line-following robots. But this one is a little different from other robots. Its a food or goods transporting robot. This cool robot has 4 shelves for holding the good and transporting from one place to another. It is mainly used in restaurants to serve the food to the customers on behalf of waiters. You can even use them at your home to send something from one place to another. It can carry nearly a weight of around 10 kg. It is an application-based robot that has a big screen on its head where you can enter the command and send the robot for work. Bella Bot has a 24 hour battery capacity and you can charge it in just about 4 hours. Its a cool gadget for playing as well. This was launched in the CES 2020  which was held in Las Vegas. We are still not confirm about the pricing of this bot.


This cool gadget is a combination of a cool lamp and a display calendar watch. Its an adjustable desk lamp. It also has a wireless charging feature using which you can charge your smartphones wirelessly, even it has a universal charging port for charging. It has several different charging ports using which you can charge your phones, laptops, smartwatches, iPhones, etc. This lamp supports a wide-angle rotation and has a motion-sensing feature with it. It provides you a full control over the brightness of the lamp. On the display, you can see the date with the time. It supports a multi-alarm feature. You can buy it on amazon for 149 dollars.

So this was all about the amazing and cool gadgets that you can buy and enjoy using them. You can get most of them on amazon as well as their official sites for purchasing. The best of all time gadgets are here.