5 revolutionary projects of Elon Musk in upcoming Decade


So the new year has started and so the new decade and as we enter the new decade of the 20s it is expected to have major and fast advancements in technology and other things. Speaking of technology the First person who pops out in our nerdy minds is THE ELON MUSK. Yes, the real-life tony stark.

Elon Musk has contributed to mankind in many ways in the last two decade. Paypal, Tesla, SpaceX are major one and many other things, you just name it.

But we are not going to discuss his past achievements. Rather we are going to focus on his upcoming projects in this decade.


Future of SpaceX

elon musk

So I am gonna start with my favourite one.


So the thing Mr.Musk is most obsessed with is arguably The Red Planet. Elon Musk has always been talking about colonizing the mars. And his first mission of the Decade and year 2020 is the Mars mission.

Its was announced on 27th April 2016 and was supposed to launch in late 2018.

Trip to Mars is the easiest when the Red planets orbit is relatively close to the earth. This happens only every few years. Musk missed the first Window in 2018. But is now all set to send his probe to mars for future colonization.


  1. Red Dragon to the Mars-

It was announced on 27th April 2016 and was supposed to launch in 2018 but is postponed to late 2020.

SpaceX’s Red Dragon is designed to make an exploratory mission to Mars using falcon heavy rocket as the launch vehicle. But according to musk, they will soon be replaced by The interplanetary transport system which will be way more convenient according to Musk.


  1. Interplanetary transport systems Maiden voyage-

elon musk

Announced-27 Sept 2016

Target- 2022

Well, this can be a huge leap for mankind and a dream come true for Elon musk as he always wanted to make space travel commercial and accessible to common people.

SpaceX has been working on this massive Interplanetary Transport System (ITS) since 2012. the ITS will have double the carrying capacity than any spacecraft Human Have built.


4. Space Internet-Mesh network complete

Announced-3rd May 2017

Target -2024

SpaceX plans to surround the earth with thousands of satellite to create a globe mesh network of broadband internet. There would be two prototype launches, followed by a five-year build of 4,425 satellites operating in 83 orbital planes. A second mesh network could add another 7,518 satellites.


5. Human departs to Mars-

Announced- 25th May 2012


When the Dragon made history by becoming the first private commercial spacecraft to dock with the International space station. Elon Musk boldly claim that Humans would step foot on mars by 10-15 years. The original date for this mission was in 2032 but is revised to 2024. As 2024 is the launch window to Mars. So the first human on mars is expected to be in the first half of 2025.

elon musk

So what do you think who will be the one to send the first human on Mars, SpaceX or NASA? My money is on Musk.



  1. Crewed launch to mars SHIP(ITS)-

Announced-28 April 2017


SpaceX ITS will be about a size 40 story building with a capability to carry hundreds of people to mars and beyond.musk once said: “if the future does not include being out there in the stars and being multi-planet species I find that incredibly depressing”.




  1. Upgradation To Model S-

elon musk

Announced-23 Sept 2015

Launch- 2020

Tesla’s 2nd electric vehicle changed people’s perception of battery power. with subsequent upgrades, it became the quickest production car in the world besting Ferraris and buggatis, and received the highest safety score of any family sedan.

The upgrade to this sedan will be Driving under ideal conditions, so-called hyper miller makes the game of testing how far they can stretch an electric car’s range. He predicts that EV should continue to upgrade, reaching 1000 km in 2017 and 1200 in 2020. the record when musk made these predictions were 729km.

  1. Next-gen roadster launch-

Tesla’s next-gen Roadster is promised by must to be the quickest car ever made, capable of going 0 to 60 miles in 1.9 seconds, delivery is expected by late 2020.



elon musk

  1. the first improvement to the human brain-

Announced-20 April 2017


Mr.Musk’s first goal is to help fix damaged brains

  1. Brain interfaces for healthy people-

Announced- 20 April 2017


Maybe the final project of Mr.Elon musk of this decade and is more ambitious than the previous ones. Combining healthy brains to computer I.e combining natural intelligence with Artificial intelligence. This will be the first step of humanity to development towards being Cyborg.


What do you think about these future project are they really gonna help humanity or gonna fail(wish they don’t). just believe in the man the legend ELON MUSK.



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