Dolby Audio Compression System


Dolby Digital:What is it???


It is a audio compression technology which compresses the audio to provide a surround  experience.and was developed by Dolby Laboratories. Since it was developed in Dolby laboratories it came out to be known as Dolby Digital. Till 1994 it was known as Dolby Stereo Digital. Now it is known as Dolby Digital. The audio compression technology developed by Dolby is now found in:

1.Home Theaters

2.Mobile Phones

3.Movie Theaters

We will discuss how it is used in the above examples.


1 Home Theaters:

Now a days Dolby supported speaker systems are easily available in the markets.It is used in generally used in the speaker systems used in homes. This technology supports 5.1 channel and 7.1 channel . It might even go up-to 15.1 and is known as Dolby Digital Plus. It is used to provide surround sound to the user while watching any content on television.



1.a Dolby Digital:

It consists of of 5 speakers  and a sub-woofer(and is also known as the 5.1 audio system) to provide surround. In the system, one small speaker is aligned in such a way that it faces the the user in an angle of 180 degrees. Two speakers are aligned at an angle to the  user where the front speaker acts as the angle bisector of the angle  made by the speakers. Two more speakers are aligned at angles to the user from users back side.

The small speaker aligned at the front delivers the dialogues and lyrics of the song(music isn’t delivered by this speaker ). The two at the back and front provide surround sound experience by delivering the music of the media that is being played. The sub-woofer is placed adjacent to the front speaker to increase the bass which enhances the audio experience of the user. Dolby digital content is available in amazon prime, Netflix, Blu-ray DVDs, any ordinary DVD, in digital televisions like TV channels,in games,and in some  televisions,etc.



1.b Dolby Digital Plus:

It is also known as the 7.1which is an improvement over Dolby digital(5.1 channel system).It supports up-to 15 channels. This technology is generally found in cinema halls, modern-day home theaters,etc.It has two extra speakers one at left and one at right in any direction. Just like Dolby Digital, it provides surround sound experience in plane a.k.a 2D(or simply it provides surround sound experience in only dimensions of a room i.e in x and y axis of the room). These days most of the newly launched movies support Dolby Digital Plus. As it supports more channels it provides a better surround sound experience as compared to the Dolby Digital. Generally 7.1,8.1,9.1 channels are used in cinema halls. Now coming to consumer electronics, most of the sound systems available in the market for civilians support Dolby Digital Plus.


Dolby Atmos:


It is the newest and the most advanced sound system technology available in the market. One interesting fact about this system is that it provides 3D surround sound experience in 360 degrees to the user. One extra dimension a.k.a height has been added to this system or if we talk in terms of Cartesian co-ordinate system, sound is transmitted even in the z-axis. It provides such a good experience to the user that it might feel like the user is he himself in the action.

As it provides object-based sound, in this system a lot over-head speakers provide such an experience. It is like surround sound experience provided by the Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital system in all the three dimensions(3D) and in 360 degrees which takes the audio experienced by the user to the next level. It adds a lot of depth to the sound which also enhances the audio experience.


The Dolby Atmos set-up system is generally found in cinema halls. For civilians this setup is implemented in the 7.1 system and 5.1 as 7.1.2 or 7.1.4 system. Here two and four means the two speakers placed over-head (in case of 7.12)  and four means the 4 speakers placed over-head(in case of 7.1.4). As 128 channel system is very difficult to implement in homes so this implementation is used to add depth to the audio. In this system you can easily locate the source of sound and can get a perfect idea about the nature of the sound.  Very few films support Dolby Atmos but the system has started to become more and more popular as many film-makers have stated to adopt this system.


Dolby Atmos suppored content is provided by Netflix and Amazon Prime. And some TV sets ad receivers available in the stores support Dolby Atmos. In video games also you can enjoy 3D surround sound experience via Dolby Atmos. In smartphones, Dolby Atmos means that if you connect your earphones or headphones you can enjoy 3D surround sound experience be it FM radio, songs, Dolby Atmos supported movies or even in phone calls. That is it provides 3D audio experience in any normal audio file in you device when you plug-in your headphones. As of now, the Dolby Atmos supported content is limited as well as the Dolby Atmos supported cinema halls.



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