LG GRAM 17 Review

LG Gram 17 Review

Are you one of those computer users who prefer a desktop rather than a laptop because of the small screen size? Or, are you reluctant to switch to the “very expensive” Macbook Pro 16 inch from a windows system because of the screen size? Well LG is back to the laptop game with a bang and this time, the techno giant is taking the less traveled road and targeting users who are comparatively new to the laptop world only because of its flagship laptop’s highlight feature i.e screen size. They have launched the LG Gram 17.


Design of  LG Gram-

LG gram

LG has looked into every possible technology trend this year to design their flagship laptop. Since in today’s world, people want bigger and better but still want that sleek look with a slim profile on their laptops, LG decided to go for Magnesium as their material of choice to build this laptop. The laptop is very slim has weighed less than most of its competitors. The laptop weighs only 2.9 pounds which is lighter than the Dell XPS 15 which weighs about 4.4 pounds and the 15 inch Surface Laptop 3 which weighs about 4.3 pounds. It is even lighter than the latest Macbook which has been known as the sleekest laptop of all time. The Gram surely lives up to its name in terms of the weight comparison. According to the company, the sole purpose of people choosing a laptop over a desktop is the portability of the machine.

Hence, they decided to focus the most on the weight to allow users to carry it around without any discomfort or pain in their shoulders. The large screen also eliminates the need for an external monitor during presentations at business meetings. Now, the big screen may be advantageous to a lot but the problem with the screen is that if you have to work in someplace public then you will be getting stares by the people around you because of the large display as people around you will surely be able to see what you are doing. I personally would love to have a big screen but would avoid taking this laptop out in public places.


Display of LG Gram – 

LG gram

Because of its unique 17 inch screen, the laptop offers a resolution of 2560*1600 which translates to an aspect ratio of 16:10. This means you can multitask like a pro. One can quarter the screen and open up up-to 4 windows or have multiple tabs open side by side for comparison and review purposes. The stunning display is really bright and colorful and hence this laptop can be used for binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix, reading your favorite e-book or painting and designing if you are into some creativity. The viewing angle of the screen is also great as the screen is properly visible from a distance from different angles. Watching 4K videos and movies on this laptop is a must.


Keyboard and Trackpad of LG Gram- 

LG gram

The laptop may be big but the keyboard has way less travel than the traditional big laptops. The travel can be compared to the Macbook Air. This means that the users get snappy feedback which makes typing more comfortable and enjoyable. Now since the laptop has a huge deck, LG has tried to fit in as many buttons as possible. The company has included a Numpad and a power button at the upper right corner which also houses a fingerprint scanner.

Unfortunately though, in order to get that plus look, the size of the enter and the backspace key has been reduced than usual. This may be a let down for the consumers who are more into typing. The good thing about this huge deck is that it houses a huge glass-coated trackpad which is very convenient as it provides enough space to pinch to zoom in or out or scroll through pages. It is also very responsive and consistent to use. The keyboard is also backlit for easy use at low light conditions.


Performance – 

LG gram

Unfortunately, performance the biggest let down of this laptop. Judging from the laptop’s internals, this notebook packs enough power for basic everyday uses. It includes browsing, watching movies or office work like presentations or typing. This is not the laptop to go for if you are planning to buy this specifically for editing videos or gaming purposes. The laptop has a decent 8th generation Core i7 quad-core chipset. Judging from its price and size, and eight-core i7 or i9 chipset would have been a better option.

The laptop also lacks the expected graphics processing power as it lacks a dedicated graphics card. It comes with an Intel UHD 620 GPU. On the other hand, the Dell XPS 15 sports an Nvidia GTX 1660 and a Core i9 chipset. This makes it the laptop to choose for gaming and video editing. The laptop has an onboard Solid State Drive but the 512GB SSD used is rather a cheap one as it bottlenecks the full potential of the onboard Core i7 processor. The laptop also packs 16 gigs of DDR4 RAM.


Battery Life –

LG gram

In terms of battery life, the Gram is far superior to its rival windows and apple laptops. It provides about 13 hours of battery backup in case of extreme usage. The battery can also last up to 19.5 hours. The primary reason for the long battery life is the hardware of this. It possesses less powerful components than its rival laptops. Kudos to LG for the long battery life as most companies tend to assume that such a big laptop would primarily be sitting on a table the whole time. Owing to this, companies overlook battery performance.


Conclusion –

In short, LG gram definitely lives up to its claim of being a big yet light laptop. It has an amazing display and battery life which surely enough makes it an excellent choice for some people. But according to me, the performance of this laptop is a big letdown. It lacks the juice needed to perform big tasks like gaming and editing. If you want a gorgeous looking laptop for basic needs and multimedia then I would suggest going for this laptop. But if you are looking for something powerful. A 15-inch Windows laptop with a dedicated graphics card and an eight-core chipset is the one to go for. A MacBook Pro is a viable option if you prefer macOS. I hope LG listens to its consumers and relaunches this laptop next year with more powerful hardware.



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