Microsoft Surface Pro X Review

Microsoft Surface Pro X

In today’s growing demand for sleek yet versatile tech,it is important for companies to provide a good package at a reasonable price. All in ones are the new players in this competitive market and the competition among these has been strong since the past few years. Microsoft being one of the top competitors in this race has launched a unique 2 in 1 with a very light body and an overhauled look. This new entrant is the Surface Pro X.

Elegant looks and modern design –

microsoft surface pro

The Surface Pro X is surely a treat to the eyes because of its jaw dropping beauty. In comparison to the Surface Pro 7,which looks very dated according to today’s standards,the pro X has minimal bezels which makes it look like its competitor – The Apple I pad pro 12.9 inch.Owing to its light weight,the laptop is incredibly thin,that is just 5.3 mm. The device is incredibly light weighing just about 1.68 pounds. The device has a built in kickstand which gives the device the capability to be propped up at a very shallow angle of 15 degrees.

Despite its thin profile and light weight,the laptop feels much more premium than the Surface Pro 7.In terms of ports,the device offers 2 USB C ports which can also be used for charging the laptop and a charging slot. The device also has a SIM card and a micro SD card slot underneath the kickstand. The device lacks a headphone jack so one has to either use a USB C to 3.5 mm jack or a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Display of the Microsoft Surface Pro X – 

microsoft surface pro

The laptop has a 13 inch display with a 12.3 inch panel due to its very thin bezels. The screen has an aspect ratio of 3:2 which make it feel more expensive than traditional laptops. The pixel density on the Pro X and the Pro 7 is the same. The Pro X has a resolution of 2880*1920 which gives images and movies a crisp and colorful look.


Audio of the Microsoft Surface Pro X – 

microsoft surface pro

After looking at the gorgeous display of this device,I was excited to binge watch some episodes of Breaking Bad but the audio from the speakers were a big let down. I found the speakers had a very thin sound which clearly lacked bass and treble. This sure cannot be considered as a deal breaker but I would suggest hooking up a Bluetooth speaker like the Bose Soundlink Mini 2 for better sound clarity or use your preferred choice of headphones.


Accessories – 

Now since this is a 2 in one device,Microsoft is following its competitors and is selling separate accessories for the device to use it to its full potential. Microsoft has designed a special pen for this device called the Slim Pen.It is basically a flattened version of the normal surface button but has a multi-functional button on top that can be clicked once to capture a screenshot or double clicked to open up whiteboard app. The pen despite its unusual look is comfortable to use.

microsoft surface pro


The problem is that the pen costs about $140 and can only fit inside the new Signature Keyboard Cover which costs about $270. The Signature Keyboard Cover includes the slim pen but is twice as expensive than the normal keyboard. Now,I know that the I Pad Pro also comes with an optional keyboard and an apple pencil but one can still enjoy the ios experience without those. To be honest,one cannot enjoy a Windows device without a keyboard which Microsoft has taken advantage of and this is basically forcing a customer to pay more. Now let’s do some Math.The Pro X alone retails for about $999. Throw in a Signature Keyboard Cover bundle and BAM the price goes up by $270 making the total selling cost a whopping $1270.


Keyboard and Track pad of the Microsoft Surface Pro X– 

Now that you have spent an extra $270 on the keyboard,you will be relieved to know that Microsoft makes one of the best keyboard covers in the market and the one for the Pro X is no exception. The keyboard is just as comfortable and well spaced as some laptops. The keyboard has a good amount of travel and is comparable to the Macbook Air’s butterfly keyboard.

The track-pad is smooth,reliable and comfortable to use. The only issue being its small size.


Performance and App Support – 

microsoft surface pro

This time Microsoft decided to opt for a Snapdragon chipset instead of the usual Intel or Ryzen chipsets. The Qualcomn 3GHz ARM – based SQ1 processor is promising but Windows on Snapdragon limits the app compatibility. Older systems such as HP Envy X2 had some serious system wide lag because of this combination.Surely Microsoft has come along way but some bugs still remain on this device. Microsoft has released ARM64 support which allows many more apps to run but some 64 bit versions were still not compatible with the device.


2 in one devices are not made for gaming but surprisingly even with some app compatibility issues,the device was able to run some basic games likes Overcooked. The bugs and compatibility issues are definitely fixable with some firmware updates but for now I think the software is highly underwhelming and is bottle necking the brilliant hardware beneath the device’s hood.


LTE support and Battery life – 

The LTE support on this device is truly phenomenal. The Snapdragon chipset has the X24 modem which supports the gigabit LTE connection. This makes the device blaze through web pages and enable superb multitasking on the internet.One can watch a video and read a blog at the same time without any stutters or hiccups.

Microsoft claims the battery life to be up to 13 hours during normal use which is pretty accurate. The device lasted about 12 hours which is longer than its competitors like the HP Envy X2’s 10.5 hours and the Surface Pro 7’s 8 hours.


Wrap up – 

microsoft surface pro

To sum it up,the Surface Pro X is a beautiful 2 in 1 with amazing dimensions, sturdy build quality,spectacular screen,blazing fast hardware and an amazing battery life. But the software is full of bugs and incompatibility issues which definitely shadow its good points.

The company claims the targeted audience to be mobile workers who mainly browse the internet or carry out basic productivity tasks but asking a whopping starting price of $1140 is just too much. One can rather get a Chromebook for $500 do the same work.

I personally think that dropping the price by a little bit and fixing the software issues can enable Microsoft to sell these like hot cakes.




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