Sony XB950N1 headphones – The bass king


Sony xb950n1 extra bass


Sony, the Japanese giant produces some of the best gadgets in the tech industry. While their smart LED TVs are the most popular around the world, it’s not because of the display. The Sony Bravia range is known for the amazing sound that the TVs deliver. This brings us to their speaker and the headphone segment. Sony launches a lot of headphones and to be honest a lot of those slip through. One headphone that really caught my attention was the sony xb950n1 extra bass. This headphone is a bass heads dream and an audiophile’s nightmare. Me being a bass head, I decided to go for these and I don’t regret at all. If you are one of those music lovers who have been searching for the perfect headphone to feel those beats then your search ends here.

Let’s see how good these cans are.


Design and Build Quality –

These headphones are heavy compared to other ones of the same price range weighing almost 700 grams. Although this headphone is mainly built up of plastic, the 40 mm drivers are the ones responsible for this extra weight. The headphone is made of good quality plastic and the metal band connects the two cans. The headphone can be folded and earcups can be adjusted according to your fit. The headphones protrude a bit too much because of the huge size but are quite comfortable to wear.

The earpads are over the ear styled and are quite comfortable. They are made up of leather and wrap around your ear quite nicely. The headband also has a leather padding on the inside to sit on your had comfortably. The nice over the ear design offers really good noise isolation. The thick earcups also help prevent sound leaking. While the earcups are pretty good they do have a downside. Over the use of say more than an hour, my ears got warm but not sweaty. The overall comfort of this headphone is pretty good and one could use it continuously for a long time.

Features and Software –

This headphone is packed with amazing features which makes this a very modern headphone. The headphone has physical buttons and sliders present on each earcup. The right earcup has the play/pause/skip and call slider as well as volume controls. The left earcup has the power button, the base booster button, and the noise cancellation button. The earcup also has the 3.5 mm jack and the micro USB charging slot. In terms of features, the star of the show here is the extra bass feature. This feature can be controlled by the Sony headphones app through which a user can increase or decrease the amount of bass provided by those 40 mm drivers. The app also offers sound settings, ranging from arena to studio to suit your needs.

The headphone also offers digital noise cancellation which is far behind compared to competitors but is still there. It does help a little bit. One can either use the physical button present on the earcup or use the app. The headphone also has voice assistance that lets you know the battery level, power on/off status or connection status of devices. The headphone also provides voice feedback when you toggle on/off noise-canceling or bass booster. The device also reads lets you know when it’s connected to a device. The device also has NFC which allows contactless connection and uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology to provide a good range. Honestly, in terms of features, you are getting more than what you are paying for.

Audio quality and Battery Life of sony xb950n1 extra bass –

In terms of the sound quality, this headphone is a blessing for bass heads. The headphone offers quality sound without the bass booster on but once you hit that button, your ears will just love it. The drivers offer a solid punch and EDM and club music is a bliss to listen. The treble is on point and won’t interfere with your desired amount of bass. The supported sound frequency on this headphone is 20-20,000 Hz. In terms of loudness, these things are loud. 40% is more than enough as it is equivalent to 70 – 75% of its competitors.

The bass is the highlight of this headphone and it will literally shake and vibrate your ears. If you have the money and are willing to spend it on a pair of Beats then just don’t. Save half of it and get this instead. Beats are not even close to this in terms of bass.  In terms of competition, Skullcandy is one but I think these flare better. The acoustics on these headphones are decent. If you don’t prefer the ear-shattering base then my suggestion is to keep the bass booster off or turn it down. I found the overall sound quality to be pretty good when compared with Sony’s premium headphones. The quality of the microphone is excellent.

The battery life of this headphone is very impressive. The device offers 22 hours of battery life with the bass booster and the noise turned ON which is pretty impressive.

My Verdict about sony xb950n1 extra bass -

Bassheads, look no further this is the one to go for. This headphone is available at about 50% of its original MRP during discounts and sale so watch out for one.

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