What to choose between a Custom Rom and a Stock Rom


Choosing between a stock rom and a custom rom can be difficult sometimes since stock rom provides regular security features but on the other hand you may have to compromise with cutting edge features which are available on custom roms and ui. So here we discussed about the different aspects which these roms may affect which will help in deciding what’s better for you.


What is a stock rom and a custom rom?


Stock rom is the rom that comes out of the box provided by the manufacturer whereas custom roms are the roms provided by the android developers for a particular smartphone model which the user has to manually install in his device.


Differences between stock and custom rom based on various factors :

1. Security – If security is your major priority, just forget about installing a custom rom and stick to your stock rom. Most smartphones manufacturers like OnePlus and Google provide regular and fast security patches for their stock rom which you just can’t expect from your custom rom devs.
Advantage – Stock rom


2. OS updates- If you love android updates and can’t wait for your manufacturer to roll the update months after its release, custom roms are for you. Devs who develop custom roms, release the updated OS for some devices much before they are released by the developer for thier stock rom. Custom roms can also come to your rescue when your smartphone manucturers stop rolling out updates for your device.

Advantage – Custom rom


3. User experience – When it comes to android experience, to be frank, for me, non can match the feel of stock android. But sadly,stock roms like MIUI and COLOR OS are unable to provide that stock android feel due to their highly customised UI. This is where custom roms like Recurssion Remix and Dirty Unicorn comes to rescue which not only has more features than stock rom but also provides a


4.Stability – If you are looking for stability in your android devicve, my advice is that you should stick with your stock rom since the rom for your respective device is developed by the manufacturer itself and that’s why it will be more stable than some random custom rom and probability of random crashes will be much less.By these statements, in no way I am saying that custom roms are unstable, it’s just that they are just a bit unstable than stock rom and some feature might not work properly in custom roms.
Advantage- Stock rom



⦁ Customization – I you are a guy who likes to customize his phone very much, custom roms are for you. Custom roms provide tons of customization options which are just not available on most stock roms.
Advantage – Custom roms


⦁ Using online payment apps like paytm – If you are the guy who uses online payment apps like paytm , phone pe,etc for payments, just don’t even think of installing custom rom on your device since custom roms are mostly installed on a rooted device and these apps don’t work on rooted phone due to some security reasons. For example, google pay has stopped its service for custom rom and rooted phones.
Advantage – Stock rom

⦁ Warranty – Many manufacturers void the warranty of you phone if you unlock the bootloader and custom roms require the bootloader to be unlocked before booting. Therefore, if your phone is still under warranty, it is advisable not to install a custom rom.
Advantage – Stock rom


⦁ Root access – If you want to root your phone to play with apps like exposed framework and adblock plus ,it is advisable to install custom rom on your device since these roms give access to root and you get full control over your phone which you were unable to get with stock rom.
Advantage – Custom rom



If you are looking for a phone which better security, privacy and your phone is under warranty you must continue with your stock rom. But if you want more control over your phone with additional features and customization you must go for the amazing custom roms available for your respective devices.


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