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There are several secrets, are still to be revealed in front of the world. Though humans have discovered the number of secrets, there are still many that humans are not able to discover. Still, there are some things are beyond human understanding, beyond science and technology. Even after so many discoveries, humans are not such much capable that they can understand science and techniques behind building up of so many things.

When we look back in the past, we realize that we are still not mature enough. Because even after so much technology and tools we are not able to discover the science behind so many things. So, these things become illogical for us. Humans are struggling to get to know the technology and methods behind building up of these things.


One of such things is pyramids. We all know about pyramids. They were built five thousand years ago. They were built by the king named, Pharaoh Khufu. It was started by his father, Sneferu. And it was owned by the same family for three generations. And the most important thing, pyramids are one of the seven wonders of the world.

Pyramids were invented five thousand years ago by the Egyptians. Egyptians continue to built pyramids for a hundred years and built eight pyramids. Every pyramid was a huge construction acquiring thousands of workers. It acquired millions of tons of raw materials. And five million tons of stones. Pyramids are so strong that they are still standing even after five thousand years.


secrets of


They are the number of secrets that are believed behind building up of pyramids. Scientists are still studying pyramids to discover the secret behind it. There number of secrets such as secrets rooms, gateways and many more that are making pyramids more complicated day by day.

Pyramids were believed to be secrets gateways for kings to pass through the afterlife, to immortal death. It was believed that pyramids show the pathway to heaven to the kings after their death. It is a pathway to heaven as believed by the Egyptians.

There is also a belief that it is a symbol used by aliens to land their ships on earth. As they come near to the earth, all the pyramids form a shape that they use to land on the land. People have also seen the signs of ships there, so it becomes more relatable.

People also believe that the pyramids are changing their place every day, creating more complications for humans to understand. In this way, it creates more curiosity for humans to study it. It is critically impossible for a living thing to change its place in this way. The theory behind it is becoming more complicated due to this.




secrets of


There are many theories on building up of pyramids. As for that generation and time period, it was impossible to build this type of structure without modern technology. So the question arises, from where humans got this type of technology at that time?

This question for the possibility of the presence of aliens. It is a belief that aliens gave this technology to Egyptians to built Pyramids and they can use it as a sign of landing their ships. People also believe that Egyptians were having contact with aliens. But this is not the only theory. There are also many techniques that are revealed by scientists who are studying it.

Another method that has been guessed is of the inner chamber. People who are studying it gave an idea of a tunnel-like chamber built in the interior of the pyramids. People slide the big rocks and stones through that path. rocks of sixty tons and more. That path was round and round reaching to the top.

There is also one theory that those heavy and big rocks were taken up by a long sled structure. It is believed that its length is in kilometers. People slide that big through it up to the edge. And in one theory both the theories, one of the interior chambers and another of the exterior slid is combined. These are the three main theories that are given by scientists on the building up of pyramids.



secrets of

We have discussed many features about pyramids but there are still many lefts. So now we will first discuss the king’s chamber that is built inside the pyramids. There is a secret chamber for the king that is built inside pyramids. It is still not clear that what these chambers were, but as I told earlier it is believed to be the pathway to heaven. This feature makes it more complicated.

Among all the eight pyramids, “The great pyramid of Kufu” is the tallest and largest one. It is a hundred and forty-six meters high. It is the most complicated one among all pyramids making it the center of attraction for everyone. It is really huge in size.

These are the secrets behind the structure and the making of pyramids. There are still many that are to be revealed(The interior of pyramids).



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