Work ethic refers to the value that rejuvenates one’s character, their abilities through hard work and
precision to achieve their goals. In brief, it refers to the set of values-centered on determination and desire to work on the ‘goal” that one wants to achieve in their life. Its deep-seated value is to enhance one’s character through dedication to achieve their aim that is respective to their field of work. The ones with a good work ethic guide them to produce high-quality work consistently and the results in-turn boosts them to stay on track. If seen broadly it is one of the key factors or qualities possessed by today’s corporate leaders because the one who is self-motivated to perform their work in-turn can be the most efficient to co-ordinate it’s work team to achieve the corporate goals. That’s why none the less it is aA key source of self-respect, satisfaction, and a positive mindset.



1. A strict daily day to day routine:

First of all, one must have a disciplined lifestyle to maintain a proper balance between the work pressure and daily day to day lifestyle.

2. Staying focused:

One must stay focused and remain adhered to their goals with each small step that can make a difference and create an appreciable impact that can lead to success.

3. Being Updated and organized systematically:

For performing a job One must remain vigilant, keep updated periodically with the job status and based on the status one must implement the steps further systematically.

4. Being ambitious and Passionate for the job:

It is one of the most important aspects of a good work ethic. Irrespective of the field of
work, the most important thing is to have an urge. Because if it’s not one point in time, failure is bound to come.

5. Always possessing a Positive mindset:

A positive mindset and work ethic are more or less interdependent. Whenever one possesses a good work ethic, then naturally the person has a positive mindset and the charm to succeed. 6. Avoid unnecessary interactions: It’s very important to be specific to the surroundings. Because unnecessary or wrong interactions might at times spoil the drive to achieve what one has to. 7. Performing Smart Work rather than Hard Work: It’s very important to perform the job smartly than being overworked for the same as it might spoil the energy for further jobs.



In today’s decade of technology-oriented society, it’s not possible to be at the top, there are massive competition and creativity be it at the academic level for students, for respective teachers or the ones related to the academic field, or be it at the corporate level. But not achieving the goal that was meant to be achieved for the time being doesn’t mean that it’s the end, there will be furthermore jobs on which one has to be focused. After-all “Failures are the crucial ingredients of success”.To have a good work-ethic as stated before one needs to know it’s implementations, and that’s what comes through failures. Failures always teach one’s lesson to implement the step and underline the shortcomings (avoiding which) could lead to success in life. But achieving success at a go doesn’t provide a guarantee to succeed in the future but rather it motivates one to maintain the urge and the dedication to strive for further achievement in the future. It’s rightly quoted by Swami Vivekananda:” Take risks in your life, if you win, you can lead, if you lose, you can guide”. Thus in life, one must learn to accept their failure after-all what Swami Vivekananda quoted:” The world is the
gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong”. So it’s all about urge, motivation, and hunger to achieve one’s respective goal in life.



God-Gifted talent is always a raw talent. If we see as an example: Gold is derived from ore as a primary raw material. For that instant, it cannot be used for ornamentation related purposes. For this, further refining and processing are meant to be done to get what we call it as 24-carat gold that is further used for ornamentation related purposes. So is how we need to consider for a Gifted talent. Being immensely talented only cannot fetch one with one’s respective goal. To achieve it, one has to nurture his/her talent through proper implementation and dedication. At the same time, there are many cases probably as seen most of the individuals who do not have much talent yet they are the ones who are at the sky-rocketed position shinning with flying colors. For them, again it’s the same yet
a bit different. Most of them have achieved through hard work, dedication and systematic implementation. Thus if we saw in a simplified way, the ones with talent have to focus more on their quality of work what we say as a Smart-work rather than much quantity whereas for the else one’s they have to work both quantitatively and qualitatively to achieve the same goal. After-all in the end, it’s all about achievements in life. Thus Work-Ethic despite being differently implemented by both the cased individuals but at last it’s the foremost deciding factor.


It’s very common nowadays that work ethic is not seen in most of the people resulting in which they are not in the desired spot where they must have dreamed of. Those people are often seen to be blaming the fate that probably might have stopped them to reach. But fate even-if it partly matters, but at the same time, one must have enough courage to fight the ill-fated situation and stay determined to achieve something even better than what they ever had dreamed of. Because on
a broader basis, there are just two possibilities that either one lands up to an even worst place than before or else ina better place than before. Thus there-in arises the need for courage to take a risk with determination. Because to beat the best, one has to experience the worst aspect. Often this kind of situation leads to depression and the work-ethic dies eventually, but as said before the world is the Gymnasium to get even stronger than before. In terms of work-ethic, anger management and patience is also one of the most important key aspects. For example: let’s consider Thomas Edison who indeed failed 1093 times to finally lead to the discovery of a bulb. Had he lost his patience or was frustrated with his attempts would have unfortunately lead that innovation in his mindset rather than how he presented the same in front of the entire world and we are still relying on it. Thus accepting failure as a road to success and sustaining determination, dedication and work ethic can only lead
one to success.



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